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Letters to the Editor: Sept 11, 2018

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1) Misuse of Dowry-Act

Suicide by a senior police-officer of Kanpur because of uneasy family-life calls for some dowry-like Act to save husband-victims by wives and in-laws. Police-authorities can confirm the misuse of Dowry-Act for blackmailing husbands and their family members by wives and their family members for exhorting money and valuables is increasing day-by-day. Only some new Criminal Act or amendment in the existing Acts can prevent undue harassment of husbands and his family members from opposite side.

Unfortunately, the fast-changing life-styles including in fixing marriages in totally unknown families through social and print media have vanished ancient Indian style of marriage-fixing within known families is resulting in unmatched marriages and cases of domestic violence and uneasy family-lives.

– Madhu Agrawal


2) Does mindless ‘Bandhs’ serve any purpose?

Petrol at 88 for a litre and Rupee weakening to around 73 to a dollar are the major concerns facing the economy but are mindless ‘Bandhs’ a solution to these problems when these issues are related to the international factors? Bandhs and strikes used as a protest destabilises the economy further as a single day off means a loss of thousands of crores to our country’s economy. Daily wage earners’ food depends on their daily earnings and they have to go hungry without work. Scoring Brownie points by observing ‘Bandhs’ is destructive politics by the opposition; debates and allowing the Parliament to function can produce results for any solution to a given problem in a democracy.

The Indian economy is fragile and depreciating rupee needs to be tackled appropriately with correct measures than ‘silly’ protests. Curbing foreign trips, using Indian made products, using public transport etc. are some measures that can strengthen rupee and check fuel prices. Citizens’ cooperation is a must during the adverse economic conditions and let’s rise from the petty politics to help build a strong nation!

– S.N.Kabra


3) USA President Donald Trump is right

India and some other countries have been deprived of receiving subsidies from the USA as the USA President Donald Trump has announced. I totally agree with him in this regard, because everyone thinks about his own nation and country first. Now, what China warned India, “do not ever trust the USA”, is turning out to be a truth. Trump is correct on not to give subsidies. But why should India follow the USA then? Why should it ask permission to buy a new missile from any other country? India is one the most resourceful country in the world and it should be independent on its own. Now, India should take a lesson from this step of the USA that every country is worried about its nation’s development and progression.

– MF Qasmi


4) Political marketing

It is a big tragedy of our country that every political party gains people’s votes by counting down its opposition party’s failures but not on their own successes. It will be crystal clear in the upcoming general elections in 2019 when both BJP and Congress parties will rebuke each other and manipulate the people from core issues. It is a political game and votes marketing which is leading our country to disasters. The common people are suffering from problems of price hike and basic difficulties, but political parties are playing their games paying no heed to people’s problems. Each party blames the other one when any incident shoots up in the country and matter is closed down remaining unsolved.

– Mohd Usmani


5) New drug in schools

Parents should know about this drug. This is a new drug known as ‘strawberry quick ‘. There is a very scary thing going on in the schools right now that we all need to be aware of. There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks (the candy that sizzles and ‘pops’ in your mouth). It also smells like strawberry and it is being handed out to kids in schoolyards. They are calling it strawberry meth or strawberry quick. Kids are ingesting this thinking that it is candy and being rushed off to the hospital in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola, cherry, grape, and orange flavour. Please instruct your children not to accept candy from strangers and even not to accept candy that looks like this from a friend (who may have been given it and believed it is candy) and to take any that they may have to a teacher, principal, etc. immediately. Pass this email on to as many people as you can (even if they don’t have kids) so that we can raise awareness and hopefully prevent any tragedies from occurring..!!

– Ateequr Rahman


6) Osaka on a high

Naomi Osaka became the first Japanese woman to win a Grand Slam title after she registered an emphatic 6-2, 6-4 win over Serena Williams in the finals of the US Open. Osaka got off to an aggressive start in the first set, breaking the six-time US Open champion twice. She used her tremendous movement and brutal baseline hitting to close the set in just 33 minutes. An extraordinary series of events then began to unfold during the second set when Williams was awarded a code violation because her coach was allegedly coaching her from the stands. An enraged Williams smashed her racquet on the court, which resulted in a subsequent violation, during with Osaka was handed a point. Williams then got into an intense argument with the chair umpire following which she was given a game penalty. Williams held back tears but still managed to hold serve. The penalty gave Osaka, who stayed calm, cool and collected in the face of all the drama — a crucial lead in the second set and she served out the match a game later.  A cascade of boos rained down on the trophy presentation ceremony that followed. Anyway, Osaka was a clean winner in the match against a giant.

– Nikhil Krishnan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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