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Like Diwali, Christmas is now a festival of lights!

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Every other person in India celebrated Christmas on December 25 as ‘Bada Din’ or the ‘Big Day’. The whole world is celebrating this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is the birth anniversary of the great Jesus Christ, who is believed as the Son of God by the people of Christian religion. Jesus Christ is believed to be the messenger of God. On this unique occasion of Christmas, even non-Christians remember, with due reverence, the Son of god, who suffered the terribly painful death on the Cross to deliver humanity and kindness from evil. The spread of love and peace among mankind is the supreme message of Christmas.

Christmas lights are now called “winter” lights, Christmas greetings have been replaced by “season’s” greetings, and what used to be Christmas sales in high street stores are being increasingly referred to as “winter” or “season’s” sales.

Christmas parties are no longer simply Christmas parties but pretend to celebrate all religious festivals on the year’s calendar. Jesus is love, which is a magical three-letter word that provides peace of mind. One must believe that there is a supernatural power that regulates human life. We can also say Conscience is God. We can see in our life that whenever we breach the rules of conscience, we suffer a lot least knowing the reasons for it. Jesus Christ, the most important figure in Christianity, is believed to have founded the Christian religion. The birth of Jesus is considered one of the most significant event in world history. Jesus Christ took birth on this earth to save humanity from misery and darkness.

Basically, Christmas in India is celebrated the same way as it is celebrated world around.  It is the day when Christian people do pray to their God Jesus Christ, confess in front of God to remove their sins and sufferings, sing holy songs, and exchange lots of gifts among friends, relative, family members, neighbours, etc.

It is considered that Jesus (the Son of God) was sent to people on the earth to save their lives and protect them from their sins and sadness. Santa Claus is a symbol of friend of the children.

It is fact that Christmas a religious festival signifies something more than the consumption of commodities; it is meant to remind us of the different kinds of people in society. Today, when depression has become a common catchword in our society which leads deaths related to stroked, work stress is extremely prevalent in today’s society, and can impact happiness levels, health, and other important aspects of your life, we need to learn more about the link between work depression and happiness, and find resources to have a healthier, happier life. The manner in which Christmas has come to belong to all of us is not without consequences for a multi-religious society.

In recent times, when Hindus have started to celebrate Christmas as their own, we have moved into an era where a festival of legitimate difference has transformed into one of a ritual of leisure and lifestyle. The author conveys the message that nothing fosters the spirit of Christmas more than an entire neighbourhood rallying behind its people. Christmas day is a day of merrymaking and joy. Like Diwali, Christmas for us is also a different kind of festival of lights.

Let us forget jealousy, hatred and selfishness and spread the supreme message of Christmas which is, love and peace among mankind.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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