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Logic of indefinite fast by Anna Hazare in Delhi

Anna Hazare has begun yet other indefinite fast at Delhi from March 23, 2018, demanding for Lokpal forgetting that a group-fast held at Mumbai had earlier gone totally flop. Fast is a tool to be rarely used. Tahrir-square type of movements cannot be repeated so frequently. Anna Hazare in his repeated media-interviews has blamed Arvind Kejriwal for entering politics in contradiction of his advice and principles. Video-footage of ending fast by Arvind kejriwal and his associates should be analysed where fast was broken on call by Anna Hazare. It will reveal if it is true that Anna Hazare at that time called movement-leaders to enter politics for fighting the evil from within the system.

It is also the time that action may be initiated on report of Justice PB Sawant who in the year 2005 held Anna Hazare guilty of corrupt practices citing 21 instances of maladministration and a few irregularities in running some public trusts.

Madhu Agrawal

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