Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Lotus blooms across India

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Finally, the results of Lok Sabha elections are out. As the exit polls predicted the BJP’s performance was stupendous and is an position to form government on its own. It’s now sure that the BJP led NDA will form the next government. The results once again endorse the fact that the people cannot be taken for granted and fooled all the times. The Congress deserved to lose and paid for poor governance. The last 10 years of the party’s rule has only witnessed scams. The party has looted the nation as many of its ministers, officials and bureaucrats were involved in rampant corruption which deprived the nation’s exchequer of crores of rupees. People residing in rural areas could understand the magnitude of corruption and thus wanting a change, taught Congress a severe lesson and elected the BJP led NDA.

Ever since Narendra Modi was declared as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, it was a “one man struggle, effort, attack and vociferous campaign.” Yes…it was one and only Narendra Modi v/s Congress + NCP + SP + BSP + TMC + AIADMK + DMK and so on. Namo as Modi was referred to have singlehandedly led each and every campaign, travelled over 3 lakh kilometers across the nation. He bore the brunt and attacks – including many personal ones—of many from the opposition: right from Rahul to Sonia to Priyanka, Sibal, Didi, Diggy and many others.

Only Modi was able to sway the masses with powerful speeches and impressive outreach through media. He was highly tech and net-savvy – with good marketing strategies like “Chai-pe-charcha”, 3D rallies, social media chats, marathons, conclaves and so on! The Congress totally failed to match the aggressive style of Modi. Even many veterans and stalwarts of the BJP (barring Rajnath and Jaitley) were rather inactive as far as participation in campaigns was concerned.

It is better to say less about Rahul’s childish, monotonous and immature style of campaigning which only earned him a place in many cartoons. And Priyanka was present only for the sake of attacking Modi, and defending her husband. Except possessing the Gandhi surname, she did not have any political background, people-connect, knowledge of governance. People understood Rahul’s and his sister’s gimmicks and routed the Congress. Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka & Co. must be made answerable for the worst ever performance of Congress in the general elections. Thanks to lackluster speeches and campaign by Rahul, the INC is way behind the 100 mark—it has just managed to win 46 seats only! Shame, Shame !

Similarly AAP was also shown the door as it could only manage to win 4 seats, nationwide. Ever since, Kejriwal took the people of Delhi for a ride and ran away from his responsibilities and started playing tantrums his party was not taken seriously. He should have first run the Delhi government and proved his mettle before jumping into the bandwagon of national politics …instead of making a “mockery” of himself and his party.

The new prime minister and the BJP led NDA are now faced with the daunting task of restoring the government’s credibility at the centre and the country’s image in the eyes of the world. The new PM must prove that he has the courage to root out corruption at all levels and that he and his NDA are capable of giving an able, effective and corruption free governance and administration. Modi and his cabinet may have to face criticism if people’s expectations are not fulfilled. Let us hope that Narendra Modi as a PM will be firm and assertive and with capable team, will certainly take the country forward.

S. Krishna Kumar

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