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Love is a special bond – Part I

It is the month of February, the month in which a special day is reserved to celebrate love. Yes you guessed it right, Feb 14 – Valentine day. Mostly all associate this day with couples, or youngsters going out on a date etc but not necessary that others can’t celebrate it. Everyone including parents-children, friends, family members can celebrate the day of love. Love can be defined in so many different ways but no one can understand its true meaning. One cannot describe mother’s love nor the love shared among siblings. But once adolescents reach that stage where in they easily get influenced and carried away, the word ‘love’ takes an all-new different stand.

Either they are confused or busy sorting out issues in life, when they misinterpret ‘love’ for ‘infatuation’ or ‘attraction’. Let’s face it every individual at some point of time has been in this great misunderstanding that they are in love, but when reality strikes they have to accept the bitter truth. Also love is often given the wrong link-up with sexual pleasure. To make love with your wife (or partner) is just another way to express your love for one another. A touch or peck does make your loved one feel good but please note, love in all its totality and making love to someone are two different elements.

Love is actually an amazing and beautiful feeling. To truly love and to be loved by someone is like blessing when all are sailing in life’s troubled waters. I don’t believe in ‘love-at-first-sight’ concept, but all I know that love is that pure and beautiful element of human life. It can even change the hard-hearted person in short span of time. It is not necessary that one should have a good, sexy body or gorgeous looks, if the connection between the two is strong and they can understand each other well is what matters the most.

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow)

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