Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Major setback for Raj Thackeray

BMC is a cash rich corporation in India and buying half a dozen corporators is not going to cost much to win a majority in the Municipality. Shiv Sena chose the best way to increase their tally in BMC. It was indeed a terrible setback for Raj Thackeray as he was sailing smoothly with his seven corporators in a Sena-BJP dominated corporation. The price for a corporator is going high as per the current demand. BJP won the prestigious Bhandup elections and it was an upset moment for the Shiv Sena and to balance the loss Uddhav Thackeray scripted a fine drama by buying the six corporators with a huge sum and thereby increased their tally in the corporation and remained as the single largest party followed by the BJP and the Congress. It was a master plan and well executed to cause a huge loss to MNS. The move was going behind the curtain and Raj Thackeray was not aware of the developments and in a sudden move they crossed the floor. Horse trading is part and parcel of the present day politics but the drama was enacted in a perfect way to teach a lesson to BJP and upset the balance in MNS. The setback for the MNS comes just as Raj Thackeray was looking to strengthen his party’s organisational cadre for the next big test in 2019. Now his dream is shattered with huge defection in a sudden move.

Anandambal Subbu

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