Friday, September 24, 2021
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Making most of Mumbai-Pune travel

The present status of Pune-Mumbai expressway is causing number of accidents on the way during week ends and has become a killer road. The bottleneck in this pocket continue to give jitters for the weekend travellers doing up and down from the IT city. It is time to have an easy way, especially in the Ghat section where mostly traffic jams take place. It is time to work for a link between Khalapur and Kusugaon and the work is to commence at the fag end of this monsoon season. Instead cutting short the distance and the time factor, the express way is making a mess of the main link between two busy places and spoiling the weekend plans in the process. Currently, it takes 3 hours to reach Pune from Mumbai using the expressway. By introducing the new link between Khalapur and Kusgaon the time will be cut short by half an hour and it is a good news.


Nickhil Krishnan

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