Friday, September 24, 2021
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Making mountain out of molehill

BJP President Amit Shah made a forceful attack on the opposition and the remarked tiny creatures are no match for Modi and the devastating flood will see them swept out of place in the 2019 General Elections to the Parliament. The so called Maha Ghatbandhan is just metaphor for the Prime Minister.  Modi was brushed aside a chaiwala in the 2014 elections and he swept away Congress and came to power with an absolute majority.  Modi will show who is who in the coming election.  The women force of Sonia, Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee are nowhere to outwit a great motivator.  And Sharad Pawar is just a push over in the pack. BJP party’s golden era is going to come in 2019 as the opposition will meekly surrender against a giant.  The mention of Amit Shah about the animal breed will be swept away in the floods is just a comparison and not to make mockery of the leaders of the opposition.  After all, in politics everything is fair in love and elections.

Nickil CKS Maniam

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