Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Mallya enjoyed UPA warmth

It is a very situation that the blame game continue to interrupt progress of the country due to some hurdle or the other. Vijay Mallya enjoyed the maximum benefit by obtaining loans through the influence of the Congress Government at the centre. Both Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister and P. Chidhambaram played a pivotal role in helping the liquor baron to the maximum extent and that led Mallya becoming a bankrupt and started cheating the banks. It is indeed a pathetic position as UPA started helping the cause of Vijay Mallya becoming rich and the banks failed to have a control over the liquor baron. Instead of issuing Mallya a arrest warrant they  allowed him to roam scot free. The SBI as the consortium leader had every right to go for his arrest but backed up and by the time the clever bird flew out of India. UPA may blame NDA, but the perpetrator problem cannot run away in passing the blame on the latter. During the ten year regime, Congress got involved in many scams and allowed Mallya to obtain huge bank loan and there was no proper follow up during their rule, resulting in a pathetic position as NDA is facing. 

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