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Man prints wedding card with appeal to ‘Vote for PM Modi’

Wedding invitations usually come with a request to avoid presents, but a 27-year-old man from the city has printed his marriage cards with an appeal to the guests to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the coming Lok Sabha polls.

Mukesh Rao Yande, a staunch Modi supporter, asked guests to avoid extravagant presents and instead promise to vote for Modi in the ensuing general elections as a gift to the couple.

The cover of the wedding card reads “Our Gift is your VOTE for MODI in 2019 Lok Sabha Election”. The invite for the wedding, scheduled to take place on February 21, has gone viral on the social media. When Yande, a government employee, first mooted the idea of printing the message, he faced resistance from his family members and his would-be wife. However, he stood to his ground and managed to persuade them.

“We are all so busy with our day-to-day affairs that we find it difficult to dedicate time to do something for our nation. The least we can do is to support someone who toils for the nation. Few of my family members did object to this at first, but I convinced them.. It is my way of endorsing Narendra Modi’s work,” Yande said referring to Modi.

Yande has got a total of 600 wedding cards printed with the appeal and has already started distributing them among his relatives and friends.

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