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Many promises yet to be fulfilled

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Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has claimed to retain power again but he has not fulfilled many promises made by him during elections. In the recent past, CM Fadnavis recited a poem indicating that he will be coming back again and resuming the work as CM of Maharashtra.

Seeing the winning graph of the BJP, no one can deny that the party will retain the power in alliance with the Shiv Sena. However, at the same time, the poem is contradictory to some people in the state as youths are jobless and Mumbai is still in potholes. Mumbai’s potholes will be addressed, it was in the 2014 manifesto of the CM.

CM had also told people that if you find any pothole, do not vote for me. He had said that Mumbai would not suffer waterlogging.

The first rain of monsoon this season left Mumbai paralysed and more than 50 people lost their lives. His ally party leader Sanjay Raut blamed the monsoon saying that the BMC and Shiv Sena are not responsible for whatever happened in Mumbai.

On the other hand, corruption in the state is continuing without any break and women safety is still a distant dream.

Chief Minister was speaking on the last day of the last legislative assembly session of the present government. He expressed his firm belief that once again he will return to power for the creation of Navamaharashtra. He said, “I’ll be back again to make the villages of the state hydrated, to change the face of the cities, to make Maharashtra drought-free and youths more efficient.”

Congress spokesman Atul Londhe told Afternoon Voice, “None of their promises has been fulfilled. People are very disappointed with them. People are surprised that how did they win elections?”

Fadnavis said that during his five years reign as the Chief Minister, there were many problems and challenges. He said, “I did not run away from it. I have tried to solve the questions honestly and positively with everyone. We have done the things that have not been done in the past 15-20 years. We have been successful in bringing back the glory of Maharashtra. Today Maharashtra is the number one state on all the fronts.”

BJP spokesperson Prof. Suhas Farande said, “The work of the Fadnavis government has been good. That is why people gave 41 seats out of 48 to the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. This government is transparent.  Like PM Modi, CM Devendra Fadnavis has done a good job. As far as unemployment is concerned, it cannot be solved in only five years. This problem has been persisting since the Independence of India. The Fadnavis government will come back, it is our confidence.”

The BJP led by Fadnavis came in power in Maharashtra five years ago. The Chief Minister promised clean, transparent governance, more industrialisation, and employment opportunities, improving the state’s finances and ramping up infrastructure. However, his tenure has grappled with acute agrarian distress and a farm loan waiver, dwindling finances, slow investment, and corruption charges. Maharashtra’s position as the number one economy in the country is slipping. During the ‘Make in Maharashtra‘ event in 2016, the state government promised Rs 8 lakh crore worth of foreign investment that would create 30 lakh new jobs. But the ground reality is that no major industry has come and no new jobs have been created. The BJP promised clean governance, but Fadnavis’s ministers are facing corruption charges.

NCP leader Shashikant Shinde said, “They have won the recently held Lok Sabha elections. But there will be a huge difference between the results of the Maharashtra Assembly and the Lok Sabha polls. NCP will fight Assembly elections in alliance with the Congress. There is also an apprehension about polling through EVMs.”

BJP leaders made pre-poll promises to farmers about complete loan write-offs, remunerative prices based on the Swaminathan Commission‘s recommendations, and doubling farmers’ income in five years, but they have not delivered on any promise. Incidents of farmers committing suicide are continuing. The state government failed to control farmer suicides. Demonetisation and the implementation of GST have caused a major slowdown in the economy. Even traders are not happy.

Despite this, the implementation of many projects has not been as quick as the government earlier projected. Five years on, the construction of key projects like Mumbai’s trans-harbour link and a coastal road are yet to take off. The grand ‘housing for all’ scheme is lagging far behind targets and the smart cities scheme is doing little to bring about the overhaul that cities really need.

BJP’s populist promises to Mumbaikars:

-Pothole-free roads in 5 years, till then no street tax

-To introduce mobile application to address citizens’ grievances

-The projects taken up by BMC in last 20 years under Public Private Partnership module for education, medical and other projects will be investigated by retired judge

-24×7 water to be provided and under Right to Water, every family will be provided 750 litres water on which corporation takes eight per cent charge every year. No more extra charges

-The citizens would be provided with more 3200 MLD water with the help of Gargai, Pinjal and Daman Ganga dams

-Salt water treatment plant will be set up

-Sewage treated water will be utilized to wash roads of Mumbai’s to make the city pollution and dust-free

-Families who are living in flood-prone areas would be given extra FSI so redevelopment of flood prone area buildings would be easier

-Eight sewage treatment plants will be set up

-Electricity from waste management

-Waste collection vehicle information will be available on mobile phones

-Waste treated water will be used to wash railway bogies, BEST bus, State transport (ST buses) and private vehicles. A separate place would be provided for sewage treatment plant

-Separate plants for debris treatment will also be setup

-Unhygienic public toilets will be given free electricity and water as incentives to maintain them well and motivate people to use it cleanly

-To decongest Mumbai city, a ‘Traffic comprehensive Mobility Plan’ will be worked out

-Five new medical colleges will be constructed

-A special budget provision will be made for Mumbai open space and beautification

-Beach Beautification programmes will be undertaken; East Coast, which comes under Bombay Port Trust, will be beautified and kept open for public

Mangroves theme park will be setup on 30 per cent land of Mumbai city with people’s participation

The Chief Minister said in poem:

I’ll be back again! The same fixes,

In this same place in this role

New Maharashtra’s creation

I’ll be back again!

To make the villages hydrated

To change the face of the cities

Maharashtra to be drought free

For the creation of Navamaharashtra

I’ll be back again!

To make young friends more efficient

To strengthen the victims

For the creation of Nava-maharashtra …

I’ll be back again!

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