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Maoist insurgency

You think only you are watching television? Maoists too are viewing TV and taking advantage of the loopholes present in our governance system. They see that “Netas” are busy campaigning for themselves and police are offering security to them so it is the right time to assault them. They will kill the policemen to demoralize the force and eliminate those engaged in constructive activities. Shatrughan Sinha should be sent to Bastar to say “Khamosh” to Maoists instead of trying to contest Lok Sabha election.

Right from the day one, I have been saying that AAP leaders are crooks and they have been using Anna Hazare to gain popularity. They had used television channels to promote their selfish interests and are now criticizing them. The duty of channels is to educate the masses and not merely air news. Anna Hazare has made a mockery of himself by his variable endorsements. He had stated that Mamata is good but he does not support the party. What sense does it make? The views and attitude of Kiran Bedi are more mature as compared to Hazare.

Ram Kripal Yadav can be easily criticized but he will not keep sulking for life. He shifted loyalties and is contesting against Misa Yadav. Both, Misa and her mother should be defeated. Murli Manohar Joshi should have vacated the Varanasi seat for Modi and sought governorship, or the Vice-chancellor’s post.

Look at the manner in which AAP is issuing tickets. The ticket allocation process is quite contrary to what they have professed. AAP had issued ticket to an actor immediately after joining the party. Where has the referendum process vanished? My dear friends, you need to view these things clearly and vote accordingly. In Maharashtra, there is a possibility of division of Marathi votes between MNS and Shiv Sena. I was quite impressed with Aditya Thackeray when I saw him in a recent conclave. He needs proper grooming to eliminate needless aggression and cultivate pragmatism.

It is very important for political parties to behave in a responsible manner. Many BJP stalwarts in UP and Delhi have become old and has already enjoyed the fruits of the office. They must now work for the development of the party, shedding personal ambition, in true “Hindu” spirit of renunciation. “Marte dam tak kursi ke liye lalayit rehna Bhartiya sabhyata nahin hai”. AAP has been accusing media as it has become frustrated. Media had given extensive coverage to the rallies held by AAP, Kejriwal’s oath taking ceremony in Delhi which made him feel that he has become a great leader. “Itni zyada coverage ke baad to koi bhi pagal ho jayega”.

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