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Margot Robbie feels emotionally invested in films she produces

Actor Margot Robbie has said she feels more involved in a project when she is also producing it.

The 28-year-old actor turned producer with the biographical drama “I, Tonya”, for which she had received a Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Robbie most recently starred in and produced noir thriller film “Terminal”, which was directed and written by Vaughn Stein.

“It actually works hand in hand with acting. I assumed it would be more of a conflict of interests, trying to split myself between the two roles. But actually, I feel like it made me better at each job, being so involved,” Robbie told Flickering Myth.

“And actually it does give me something I don’t get just from acting … you know, feeling like, ‘Oh, that’s our project’.  As opposed to I got to be a part of someone’s project,” she added.

The actor also said that there is a far greater “emotional investment” in a project when she is attached to it from the beginning to the end

“When you’re there from the inception of the idea, to the development, to the pre-production, to the production – which you’re there as an actor anyway – to post-production, marketing, distribution … all that kind of stuff, you live with it for years.

“And after years, it’s like your baby and you have a greater sense of ownership over it. And therefore, a greater emotional investment, I think,” Robbie said.

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