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Mariah Carey’s decides to postpone her wedding


Singer Mariah Carey worried about “disappointing” businessman James Packer when she postponed their wedding to focus on her tour.

In the opening episode of Carey’s new reality show “Mariah’s World”, the singer and her manager Stella can be seen concerned about juggling plans for the marriage, which was ultimately cancelled as the couple split in October, reports

Stella asked: “I feel like you’ll be putting your professional life before your personal life and it makes me feel bad but dare I say, do you postpone the wedding?”

Carey said: “It is slightly overwhelming because we are pretty much putting together this entire tour in two weeks. You know…there’s a lot to think about.”

Later in the episode, Carey said: “I just…I don’t…I don’t know because he keeps asking what we’re doing with the dates and when he asks…I don’t want to disappoint him and I feel really bad. And so now I’m sitting here going, ‘How do I even do this?'”

Carey then called Packer to break the news, and later said: “I feel bad because I know I’ve disappointed James by postponing the wedding. But what I need to focus on right now is this tour.”

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