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Marital rape: Women suffering in silence-Part I


This incident had occured six years back during my struggling days in journalism, a 43 year old woman used to reside next door. She never looked happy, I always thought of asking her but I was just new to that locality so could not gather courage to know about her personal life. One fine day big chaos occurred in our locality and I learnt that the woman ran away from home. Her husband filed a complaint with the police. I was worried about the woman and her safety and inquired about her with a neighbour who was very close to her. Oh! After knowing about the fact I started shivering.

The woman’s husband used to force her to watch porn movie every night, if she resisted he would assault her. He would chain her to the bed as if she was a dog and would rape her as many times as he wanted. When he attempted to rape the woman with a bottle she decided that she had had enough and ran away by disclosing her pain to her neighbour. Another news which has become a hot topic now days; Bhopal husband got his wife gang raped by his bosses for the sake of promotion. She was forced to sleep with many men and husband used to ask her to share her experience after having sex immediately after the occurrence of rape. Finally she lodged a complaint with police. There was navy officer who forced his wife to have group sex with his friends and when she refused he trashed her to death. There are many such cases but 99 per cent cases go unreported.

One would ask why these female would endure so much agony in an obviously abusive marriage. The answer is very simple; the way they were brought up, divorce or separation was not an option. Even if they wanted to call off the marriage they couldn’t. Financial independency, having no alternate shelter and support, restrict woman’s voice against marital rapes.

Rape by husband after marriage is very common in Indian society and no one takes a note of it. There are many men who treat their woman like their property and go to any level to abuse and assault her. This is the most common type of voluptuous violence prevalent across Asia. In our society, marriage is treated as license to have sex with spouse and male dominating society keeps woman in great dilemma. The consent of woman to have sex is never taken into consideration. Moreover, at times woman has to undergo too much pain to satisfy the needs of man unwillingly. This type of abuse is common among lower middle class and middleclass families.

(This is the first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow)