Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Marriage saved as divorce papers withdrawn

The Municipal Corporation election was an eye-wash as BJP-Shiv Sena reunites again after a bitter poll battle for supremacy which in a way was expected. Marriage between them stands as divorce papers have been withdrawn and voters are amused at the pre-poll corporation drama where both parties cricticised each other and now partying together which has voters confused and amused. It was a poll strategy, I guess as the total number of seats won between them would have been way less if they had fought the Corporation election together and the same strategy was adopted in assembly election as well. It is back to business now and let us hope all pending issues like various infrastructure projects, farmers problems, DP 2034 etc are back on focus and resolved at the earliest. Mumbai is the country’s most important city and Maharashtra a strategic State which means extra tender care to handle its landmark projects. All parties should work in unionism once election are over and their work, character and behaviour should be looked with merit by voters when elections are held in future so that it acts as an incentive for corporators and legislatures to do their duties honestly.

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