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Media should not communalise Church attacks

Mukul Kanitkar a lawyer and RSS pracharak said that media should not give communal colour to Church attacks.

Church-leadAfter a spate of incidents pertaining to the attack on churches across the country activists have been blaming the government for its failure to protect places of worship. The media too has been giving a communal angle to such attacks without verifying the facts and evidence. There are many reasons behind vandalism of churches but even opposition parties are trying to gain political mileage out of it by saying that the government is anti-minority.

The police have identified the miscreants responsible for the St George Catholic Church attack in Panvel, Navi Mumbai but are yet to nab them. They said that the culprit responsible for committing the crime will be arrested soon.

mukul-kanitkarMukul Kanitkar a lawyer and RSS pracharak spoke to AV and said, “These incidents are separate and unrelated and not always anti-religious. Delhi incident was pertaining to land dispute. Bengal incident involved Muslim outlaws, whereas Christians themselves had vandalised Church in Kerala. Media and others should refrain from giving a communal twist to these incidents.”

zhankrut-ozaZankrut Oza, a professor at Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies said, “It’s nothing more than biased media’s gimmick. The attack on Delhi church was a case of robbery. Even nun’s rape case was as hyped as a conspiracy to defame Hindus. However, the real criminals were couple of Muslims from Bangladesh. The law should take it’s own course, let the truth come out some day.”

dipanjan-ghoshDipanjan Ghosh a student said, “All world powers should focus on containing ISI which is the second most dangerous group after ISIS (or ISIL). It has already consumed Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is slowly spreading to all parts of the world with mafia don Dawood Ibrahim’s financing from the Middle East. Unfortunately, politicians and police are themselves involved in protecting many of these Hawala networks which are used by ISI & underworld to bribe officials, smuggle arms and fund terrorist activities.”

Dr Shoma Ghosh from West Bengal said, “Just a day before the Ranaghat gangrape of a 72 year old Catholic nun a 38 year old sadhvi from the Ramakrishna Mission was raped by four men. The accused have been identified but there is no news, no coverage no outrage. Sadhvi was gang raped but police refused to register her case. Let it be sadvi or nun, why give communal colours to such heinous crime?”

Tajindar-Pal-Singh-BaggaTajindar Pal Singh Bagga, President, Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena said, “Many organisations/NGOs are conspiring against India. They are working 24×7 to defame Modi government. They are trying to bring a communal angle into every petty issue. In one incident they tried to turn a theft case into an attack on Christianity. More than 200 theft incidents had happened in temples but did any Hindu label them as attack on Hinduism?

“In another incident, they tried to show a fire in a Church as an attack by Hindu groups. Investigations revealed that it happened because of short circuit in Christmas Tree. In one more incident some kids were playing and a stone went into a nearby Church and they tried to show even this as a communal attack.”

“Is this fair to blame the Modi government for every such incident? Wherever an incident happens Modi government does its best to arrest the miscreants. But you cannot communalise every incident and blame the government for that.”

ritesh-ranjanRitesh Ranjan, a journalist said, “Attacks on churches shows the narrow minded thinking of people. It is said in all religion that god is one. There is only difference in the way of worshiping and it’s portrayal. None of the religion teaches to envoy and fight.”

Kamlesh-SutarKamlesh Sutar, a journalist said, “The recent spur of religious intolerance is worrying. Violence of any sort should be condemned especially rising out of communal hatred. I also feel that as a responsible media representatives we should not see these incidents in isolation.”

Robert-ClementsRobert Clements, a columnist said, “Modi’s silence during these sad church attacks is a missile these miscreants are riding on. A time to reckoning today when he have to decide whether to be written in the books of history as a statesman who had the courage to stop his own from bullying the weak or just another politician. Here’s his chance to be a Vajpayee or just an actor with a pin stripe suit!”

Zakir Ahmed, a Congress leader said, “Some people are trying to make India a Talibani country, which is harmful for the tradition of democratic country and constitution. These kinds of attacks have increased after Modi government came into power. BJP and its friendly organization are attacking minorities which the PM Modi should take serious note about”

Sandeep Shinde, Sanatan Santha Spokesperson “Whenever there is an attack like the recent attacks on Churches the Hindu organizations are on the radar and looked upto as an accused. In the recent past there was an attack on a Church in Mangalore in which six people were arrested and they all were found to be Christians, so looking at Hindu organizations as a prime accused is not right.”

“I strongly feel such incidents are taking place to defame and portray the newly elected Modi government as anti-minority government. There are attacks on Churches in Nigeria, Pakistan and other countries around the world, where there is no presence of Hindu organization” he said.

“Christian Pope had given a statement in past months saying, about 2 per cent Christian fathers are involved into sexual harassment of children’s, 2 per cent equals to 8 thousand fathers being involved in sexual harassment, and this is what their Pope alleges. So even this can be the internal anger within the Christian community which could lead to such attacks. Also crores of funds are allotted to the churches by the government” he added.

“Media has hyped the attacks on Churches. Around 40 temples in Goa were attacked in past three years, but no media had taken a note of this issue. In Pune, a gold idol of Ganesh was robbed but no media or the government took this issue seriously. A thorough investigation should be done in these cases of attacks instead of accusing other religious organization” he said.

Ryan Mendes said, “This communal tension has increased after the BJP came to power. If the Modi government ignores these feelings as something very small, they will have to pay for this in the next elections. No Indian is interested in the politics of religion.”

dolphy-dsouza_0Dolphy D’Souza, spokesperson of Save Our Land (SOUL) and former president, Bombay Catholic Sabha said, “The government must take action against the miscreant responsible for this act. Our organisation condemn the attack on church and vandalisation of the statue. SOUL demands the Chief Minister to ensure that Christian Churches and its Institutions are offered protection and security without much delay.”

“The Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis must play its pro-active role to see that the poison of communalism does not affect Maharashtra and the minorities are protected. Any laxity on the part of his Government and the Police would be disastrous. Please don’t take the patience of the Christian Community for granted and act now.”

Christina Stephen, an MNC employee said, “Why this hatred of politics is prevailing in the country. When everything has been normal since last ten years why vandalism incidents have increased?”

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