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Misinterpretation of Citizenship Amendment Act

CAB protest, Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, Citizenship Amendment Act, CAA Protest, NO CAB, CAB oppose, Student Protest CAA, Student Protest,CAA ProtestIt pains to see so much of public and private property being attacked and set ablaze and complete chaos ruling the road and the rails, the towns and the villages making day to day life a terrible night mare in some parts of the nation in the name of the Citizens Amendment Act which the government passed recently. Making it more serious is the way in which the agitation has crept into institutions of higher learning completely putting students’ life out of gear. The opposition which was completely drowned in the Lok Sabha election was waiting for something to save their skin and the CAB has come as a life saver. Without going in for an analysis or a deep study of the fact it is truly sad that some of the top political parties and their leaders are simply backing the protesters in the name of religious  and regional appeasement.

The opposition is now raising its decibels that the entire nation is against the bill. But they have to understand that the NDA led by the BJP had made it clear in their manifesto 2019  that CAB will be one of the prime issues that they would deal and settle once they come back to power. The majority of the people of the nation voted BJP back to power fully showing their faith and belief  in the party and also they were sure that what the outfit says will be done unlike the others. It seems that the opposition  has still not realised this fact. Instead of understanding the core of the fact they misinterpreted it by diluting it with religious matters making things slide from bad to worse. The leaders of the ruling party have made it cent per cent clear that CAB will not affect the Indian Muslim community as they are part of the nation. But sad that despite such clarifications many in the community along with others have fallen into the hands of some parties  and factions that survive and can survive only on hard core religious ideologies and appeasement .It’s not far when they will realise that all this chaos, agitation and conflicts are being made by some who have vested interests and political mottos. The government will have to now take immediate measures to see that the issues  connected to CAB are solved and clarify the doubts and instill faith in those  who have fallen into unwanted scepticism, apprehension and suspicion.

By M Pradyu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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