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Modern day Kurukshetra

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Whenever we come across news like son and father sharing women we are hurt and surprised that how some men can come up with ideas like these and why women remain silent? Why do we feel like criticising a person who has lost all his wealth by investing in the share market? Most of us don’t agree with the concept of surrogacy and instead opt for a child born out of wedlock. We also make fun of the son or daughter of tycoons are employed with other companies for meagre salaries and criticise teachers for commercialising education. A mother who disowns her children to begin a new life. We pity those newly born babies who are abandoned near the garbage or gutter with no hospitals located nearby. They have to suffer on account of the mistakes committed by their parents who have abandoned them. At the same time, we should not expect too much from god as he only helps those who helps themselves.

We have already come across these incidents in Mahabharata. Though Mahabharata happened after Satiyug and before Kaliyug the scenario has not changed. Two groups existed during those times, Kauravas and Pandavas just like Congress and BJP exist today. These parties lack the qualities possessed by Kauravas and Pandavas.

Their battle field which was known as Kurukshetra is nothing but modern Delhi today. Only miniscule changes have occurred but the fights continue to occur but they have become more modernised.
Draupadi is considered as goddess by us but she was considered as a characterless woman because according to laws a woman was only allowed to have relationship with four men and not five. She was dragged by other men none of her husbands could rescue her. It took her almost 14 years to take revenge, so the condition of women is no different. Even though Lord Krishna had come to rescue Draupati but today’s woman are totally helpless and are likely to be raped.

Dronacharya one of the best teachers had taught 105 students the about advanced warfare and military arts. However, his own teaching was responsible for taking the lives of his students. On the other hand, today teachers demand exorbitant fees yet there is no assurance that students will clear examination. Today many students attempt suicide as their future remains bleak.

Despite being intelligent, Yudishther also ate his father’s flesh to enrich his knowledge gambled all his wealth. He indulged in gambling activities and also put his wife Draupati and brothers at stake.
The sperms of Pandavas and Kauravas never belonged to their biological father still they are considered to be children of their mother’s husband. These men were fond of their children and provided them all the necessities in life.

Karna had to face humiliation because his mother Kunti abandoned him to conceal all sins committed by her during the puberty stage. His father never intervened in this matter despite possessing divine powers.

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