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Modern love: Faded story of secret emotions

There is too much freedom for couples today as handwritten letters have become history. Today no calls are made from calls from PCO to the neighbours’ landline and we don’t receive blank calls on our landline. Life has become much more convenient today without any charm of desperation. Holding hands when no one watches you, hideously sipping from the same straw to convey a secret message of feeling desperate and immense love for each other. Those lovely days have passed away.

Renting a hotel room was considered when you want to make out with a prostitute because girls belonging to decent families would never think about it. Those silly secret messages through body gestures have disappeared. Today there is nothing to feel shy about and there is anything left to hide from the society or family. Many Indian families are well aware that their children are having relationship and have accepted their partners at quite a young age.

It’s easy to hang out in public and kiss in public and nobody cares about it. Couples can hold each others’ hand at ease and walk. They can hug or kiss while commuting in autorickshaws or taxis as intimacy happens in these vehicles too. I have noticed several patch-up or breakups than anybody else. Life has really become very convenient isn’t it?

These days many girls and guys are playing the roles of husband and wives while having relationship. It’s not only limited to physical intimacy but bonding too happens between them.

One of the classic examples which can be found is that many girls cook food when their partners fall ill. They are keeping a tab on the bank balance and couples have opened joint accounts and started saving for marriage, buying property and vehicles etc. Thus they have started planning for their future too.

Earlier, father used to drop his daughter to office and pick her up after work so that she feels secure. Nowadays, fathers don’t have any problem if their daughter’s boyfriend is willing to pick and drop her as they think she is more secure with him. We leave no stone unturned to woo his parents even though we don’t know whether he is the right person for us. So it doesn’t feel awkward to breakup or get separated from one’s partner as people don’t question anymore about it. There is no curiosity about how one’s future would be as it is just before you. You know what kind of person you are planning to settle down.

The secret desire, curiosity, imaginations, expectations are dead we have reached to such a level that we have become accustomed with the life style of our partners families. In a way its good but on the other side its bad too.

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