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Modi, where is the “acchhe din” you promised us?

Dear Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister of India,
Let’s start with the latest move of GST (Goods and Services Tax). It was clearly meant to reform the economy of the country. But what about the fact that the common man has to shell out 18 per cent extra when he goes out to eat at a restaurant? A bill that was earlier Rs 200 has now become around Rs 236. The whole logic of Goods and Service Tax was that the old tax rate would be replaced with the new tax rates. But the normal restaurants have just added 18 per cent extra to their bills, keeping the rate of the food items the same. As a result of this, people have to cut down on eating at restaurants, one of the few family outing options for the common man, and many like me have also stopped giving tips to the waiters.

Now coming to Aadhaar, it is just another political card which is troubling the common man to no extent. We are forcibly made to link our Aadhaar card number to our PAN card, SIM card and bank account, and now we even need it for getting a death certificate. There are people who are facing trouble in getting an Aadhaar card for various reasons. Linking them to your bank account is a distant matter. And this is quite a painful task, queuing up at various places to do the linking part. And after all that, there is no guarantee that things will be better for the common man. There are already cases of fake Aadhaar cards and data being leaked out. So, what makes the government believe that linking our Aadhaar card number is a means towards a corruption-free country?

These days there is a tendency of BJP to simply blame the Congress for every disorder in the country. So where is the “acchhe din” you promised us?

We all agree that the Congress has done a lot of harm to the country during their governance. But please do give them some credit where there is due. The fact that a tea seller has gone on to become the Prime Minister of a country is itself the biggest proof that the country has progressed since Independence.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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