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Modi govt blowing its own trumpet

The government doesn’t have any reason to celebrate as it has failed to fulfil the promises made by it during election says Congress.

As the Modi government is set to complete three years in office on May 26 opposition parties launched a scathing attack and said that the government had misled people by promising achche din. The government is looking forward to organise Modi festival on May 26 to highlight its achievements after coming to power. Congress party nonetheless said that the government doesn’t have any reason to celebrate as it has failed to fulfil the promises made by it during election. The party added that three years have passed by but citizens are still waiting for achche din and are already facing huge hardships due to unemployment, price rise and demonetisation. Modi government also had promised to create two crore jobs but unemployment is rising in the country.

“Today if anybody talks about rising intolerance in the country then they are branded as anti-national by the government. We are living in free nation and citizens have a right to express their views. The government speaks about retaliation whenever cross border terrorism increases. However jawans continue to die near the border while safeguarding the nation but government fails to take any action against terrorists,” said senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia,

“The government is trying to conceal its failures by raising nationalism issues. It has failed to address rising farmer suicides but continue to dole out sops for corporates. The government must take steps to waive farm loans,” said Sachin Pilot, Rajasthan Congress Chief.

Even Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi tweeted about for what reason is the government going into celebration mode. He said citizens are already frustrated with the government for failing to fulfil their expectations.

“Youth are struggling to find jobs, farmers are committing suicide & soldiers are dying at the border. What exactly is the Govt celebrating?” Gandhi tweeted.

“3 years of broken promises, non performance & betrayal of a mandate,” he said in another tweet.

Even the common man is unhappy with the Modi government which has failed to deliver during last three years. Many of them are dissatisfied with the performance of the government. They had voted for the Modi government to bring a change in governance but the government is busy focussing on irrelevant issues.

“I had voted for the Modi government as they had promised to bring black money stashed abroad. However instead of bring back black money they only had undertaken the demonetisation drive. Even today citizens have not recovered completely after demonetisation as they are finding it difficult to withdraw their hard earned money as ATMs are running short of money,” Sudhir Deshmukh a Borivali resident.

“The Modi government is more interested in blowing its own trumpet instead of providing good governance. The money used for celebrating Modi festival could have been used for carrying out developmental work. They need to speed up the pace of work as only two years are left for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls,” Avinash Desai a businessman from Kandivali said.

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