Modi has an eye for detail

Narendra Modi has done a good job by asking questions to the public and laying emphasis about the need to introduce fast trains and improve rail connectivity with ports. It is exactly what needs to be done. If you travel from Chennai to Ennore port by road you will notice that the condition of roads is in poor condition.

Once I was joining a ship ( not signing off, when you may have some items with you) at Mundra and had to wait for two hours because customs officials were present on the ship. The condition of ports is in dire straits. Cranes are not functioning properly in most of the ports (Kandla is much better) and port trust crew are inefficient and not healthy.

On the other hand, ports in China are big and they have clean jetties, massive and efficient cranes and possess skilled man power. If you notice a gang of crew handling a ship’s line while berthing in the Mumbai port you can immediately find how inefficiently they function and compare it with foreign ports. Look at their health and also see what kind of personal protective gear they wear.

Infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi migrants is another major concern which will affect the security of our country as pointed out by General Bikram Singh. I am hoping that Modi will look into this matter in the interest of national security. Large number of Bangladeshi citizens is employed on ships whose manning agents have offices in India. Disciplined citizens, controlling rising population and reduction in the number of motor vehicles on roads should also be a part of the agenda of new government. Inspite of all the turmoil that we witnessed our MPs have refused to improve their behaviour.

Political parties must refrain from issuing tickets to such unruly elements. The Election Commission must ban the distribution of free laptops, television sets and other freebies by the political parties during the election. Such kind of activities will only divert the attention of voters as they might even vote for the wrong candidate which is not good for the democracy. The warning issued by General Bikram Singh must be taken seriously. Political parties must not use illegal immigrants as vote banks by fraudulently getting them registered as bonafide voters. BJP must keep a watch on such kind of malpractices which occur during election.