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Modi involved in self-promotion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has risen from the ranks after working hard so he has good insight into various problems faced by the nation. He has immense confidence to speak extempore about these issues. Modi had inaugurated H.N Reliance Foundation hospital in south Mumbai. Modi laid emphasis on the need of upgradation in medical science and telemedicine in the country. He also indicated that the Digital India campaign will be used to improve the telemedicine services in the country.

Modi must now start delegation tasks to other leaders and groom them. Modi is very busy projecting himself and is not bothered how his ministries are performing. This morning, I noticed bursted crackers lying on the road in my area but nobody has come forward to dispose them.

The police must prohibit people from bursting crackers with high decibel noise. If an ordinary person raises objections against it, he is likely to pick up quarrel. Unfortunately, the policemen do not take any step to curb such activities. Serving officers often fail to take any action and remain quite. These tendencies are worrisome.

“Water water everywhere, not a glass to drink”. Providing clean drinking water to the citizens must be the top priority of the new Maharashtra government. Keeping a check on the growing population is another burning issue. Let us hope the new chief minister is able to tackle this matter. Civil society who appears on Page 3, must assist him. Our honourable courts should also suo-moto advice the government to pay attention towards this issue.

I have regularly highlighted the need to check the infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis. As per reports, the NIA is saying that Burdwan blast was carried out by Bangladeshis. Modi must now instruct his ministers to keep a vigil on the activities of the high ranking officers working under them. What are they doing, what is their level of involvement?

Are they mixing with the people just like Modi who had interacted with the journalists? He had taken a good initiative to address the media as they are the eyes and ears of the society. However, officers and ministers need to remain careful as some of these journalists are “guru ghantals”. They may even indulge in undue favour seeking and blackmailing. Many news agencies will print anything offered by you provided you pay cash to them. I will blame Modi also to some extent as he has failed to curb corruption.

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