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Modi is lucky so vote for him

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great psychologist as he is aware that the Indian public believes in luck. So if I tell them that I am lucky, people will vote for me. All of us read the astrology column in the newspapers. “Modi ki kismet acchi hai “, so if I will vote for him, I will be benefitted. But his make in India or make for India campaign is not in consonance with luck. You can’t say that if I am lucky, I will be able to make quality products cheaper than, China.

AAP leader Kumar Viswas is very clever with the words. He said that going to jungle is not bad. Shri Ram had gone to jungle and returned as “Maryada Purushottam”. Kumar Viswas played a big gamble by contesting the Lok Sabha election against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Had Mr Viswas won, he may have become the biggest star and cashed on it tremendously, which was also the case with Arvind Kejriwal. I can still recall his face on television informing people that Modi is losing. With innocent countenance, Kejriwal can utter the biggest lies, a quality which he possesses.

Irrespective of whether AAP wins or loses one thing is clear, they will keep Modi government on the toes. This opposition will further strengthen if social activist Anna Hazare pitches in with his “andolan”. Power is the biggest aphrodisiac and makes you forget all good things you said before. This is the case with Kiran Bedi too. Senior BJP member Narendra Tandon had said that it was difficult to work with Bedi due to her dictatorial attitude. He had also resigned from the party but later withdrew his resignation.

Let Modi not forget that if she regains her previous conscience, she can create troubles for him. He must have taken assurance from her, “Woh mat kehna jo tumne pehle kaha tha”.

It is really a tough choice for Delhi voters. However, don’t be surprised if people ultimately press the lucky man’s button to piggy ride on him. Some party had undertaken developmental work for Delhi earlier. Why not offer them an opportunity to take their work forward. Most of the political parties are corrupt. Those who are honest today will become corrupt tomorrow after coming to power. Kejriwal was craving for a bigger house. His colleagues opted for luxurious SUVs. Those who say I am honest today are likely to become seekers of riches tomorrow.

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