Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Modi-Rahul T-20 cricket

With Uttar Pradesh elections just round the corner BJP and Congress are involved in a tug of war for garnering power. The mud slugging between these two parties has reached the streets in recent times during election meetings. Congress having lost the vice like grip hold in the country is now trying to make up the loss in the remaining months through aggressive canvassing by simply blaming Modi and the policies of BJP.  On the other hand, BJP would like to consolidate its position as the poll wave is swinging its way in recent times. Now it is left to the voters to make sure that their valuable votes go to a deserving party. Rahul attacked Modi with graft charges and the PM mocked at him ridiculously about his stature as the vice-president of Congress. The frequency with which they fight with each other, it appears that a Big Bash T-20 cricket is going on in various regions of UP.

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