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Modi’s China visit will boost investments

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Chinese visit will bring investment of $22 billion in the sectors which include telecom, steel, solar energy etc. He also asked them to actively participate in the Make in India campaign. Modi wants to give a fillip to the manufacturing sector to revive the economy and provide employment to youth who comprise 65 per cent of the population. China is India’s biggest trading partner with two-way commerce totalling $71 billion in 2014. Modi said that China is the factory of the world whereas India is considered as the back office of the world. It is necessary to have trade talks with China instead of speaking about boundary issues. Both India and China have planned to set up a hotline between the military headquarters of both the countries. There will also be an increase in the number of meetings between border personnel and commanders at all sectors of the India-China border areas. India also has decided to extend electronic tourist visas to Chinese nationals to boost tourism and bilateral ties.

Chinese don’t understand aspects like demarcating the boundary because they inherently feel that whatever they see belongs to them. Therefore, let us not disturb their feel good factor. Let us not dispute the fact that Chinese are better manufacturers than us because right from the young age, they are trained to “make” and not “read only”.

BJP President Amit Shah must understand that BJP had emerged victorious in the Lok Sabha election not because of his competence. People voted for the BJP as the party had promised to bring back black money. AAP won the Delhi assembly election because people felt that they will get free electricity, water and a home without performing any work.

The need of the hour is to educate people that “acche din” will come only by working hard. Political parties must teach citizens to work hard and sincerely. Any party offering freebies must be disqualified from contesting election. In 1979, we used to give one page write-up to one correspondent of a popular news agency. They used to charge Rs 1000 and if one wanted it to be published fast in a popular daily then good drinks must be offered to gentleman at “Chota Bristol”, behind Metro Cinema.

Such material was largely dictated by a concerned government officer whom we approached for favouring us. Why do you think Ranjeet Sinha used to meet “maalwallas” at night? “Samajhne wale samajh gaye hain, naa samjhe woh anari hai”. To make in India, you need to induct a lot of foreign work force.

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