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Modi’s oratory skills are par excellence-Part II

Narenndra Modi, Independence day speech, modi speech,Modi never makes the speech about himself but makes the audience as the winners. When he gives long speeches without reading any script, it makes the audience feel that he has worked hard for the speech and that he knows a great deal about the topic he is speaking on. He gives justice to the topic and is rich in either facts or substance.  He always stays confident, knows he’s perfect in what he’s gonna say, and stays calm while speaking. He as a politician knew that till the time he doesn’t have full command over Hindi, it may not be easy to succeed at national level politics. He practiced in the Nursery of RSS and came out to be too good a student. He is an exceptional speaker and his speeches would make you a fan of his public speaking irrespective of your political views. He always takes care about the points while giving speeches like motivating the Crowd, letting the Audience Respond and allowing them to complete their reaction, using trendy examples to make his point, using hand gestures to signify his message, makes eye contact with his audience, uses the right body language and the right tone of voice and also emphasis or stress on the important words.

Modi’s charisma and oration is fifty per cent inborn, that’s talent given God. The rest of Fifty per cent is acquired by his necessity to uphold his political position as ministers and defendant of BJP which took fifty plus years. His rivals either lack the skill or find it tasteless to attack him on his expensive watches, clothes, shoes and sunglasses. His public speeches also incessantly harp on corruption and successfully repeats the claim that he alone stands against corruption while the corrupt has ganged up against him.

Good speakers like Modi open a speech with a dramatic statement and end with an impression that makes the audiences want to applaud. Modi’s orator skill reveals the fact that eloquence is of great importance in public life. In parliaments, it may be said to supersede many qualities. Knowledge and mastery as well as marshalling of facts are surely necessary for the parliamentarian. A man is naturally eloquent who has strength of convictions. But it is now admitted that the power of oratory is not just a gift of the gab; it is open to acquisition through devotion and can be picked up by intensive practice. It is also clear that the orator must be able to adopt his art to the needs of a situation—to the audience and its mood.

He has style and creates impact with his ability to use voice modulation and well chosen words. He has a great ability to repeat words to make them stick and he knows well as to how to play to the gallery. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was considered to be the most admired orator of the modern times. Now after such a long gap, Modi has been a good candidate to step into their shoes. He has a high sense of understanding to address the crowd’s mentality. He has also been able to project himself as a good, efficient and an able administrator. His victory speech impresses the audience with the popular image of the Hindu ascetic devoted to the nation’s cause.  He could grip the audience for hours together with his speech.

He has a very good vocabulary and is able to think on his feet in a logical manner. Perhaps the biggest trait of his speeches though is that he comes across as someone who is very believable, someone who will follow through and deliver on the promises, and someone who has no self-interest but only the interest of the people of India.

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