Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Mom’s the word

When I was small

She held my tender hands

And helped me walk

And now in the world I stand

Unaffected making my way

Through all obstacles

Cause mother, you are there.

I humbly pay my tribute to all mothers on the occasion of mother’s day. Our lives would be incomplete without our mothers who nurture us laying her healing hands protecting us from all obstacles that come our way. Her love instills in us faith and helps us to be strong. She takes care of us just as a gardener nurtures the plants in the garden until it fully blooms to produce beautiful flowers and delicious fruits. In the same way, our mother toil hard to ensure that we have a healthy upbringing and make us fit to take on the world when we grow up.

Today youngsters want their parents to treat them as friends. When I look at the definition of friendship, I feel that mothers are our best friends. If you ask a child what he or she expects from a true friend, you will find that the traits they want in their best friend is present in their mother. For example, a mother walks in when the world works out, she walks with her child to the horizon and beyond, she is a friend in need, she likes you when you are not wearing a mask, she will never betray you etc. Yes, your mother is one person who does not mind you for being yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not in her presence. For a kid, her mother instills in her a sense of security. For a youth, his or her mother is the only person who is not going to shun you because you are uncool or because your peers think that you are a freak. For a grown up adult, his or her aging mother would still be there for advice and guidance.

However, today youngsters are drifting away from their families. They no longer feel a close bond towards their parents. The very soul which brought them to life and stood by them through thick and thin are neglected by them now as they have no use. We should not disrespect our parents in this manner. Remember, they did not shun us when we had no knowledge about this world and could not eat or sleep on our own. Thus we owe this much gratitude to them and should take care of them when they grow old.

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