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Moral decadence

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Presently we see all around us, moral decadence, barbarism, greed, lust and such other bad tendencies developing in our society. The President, Vice President and Prime Minister must be the first to voice concern on these cases of rape and gruesome murders and cause immediate and very strict action to be taken but very sadly, they remain tight-lipped.

I have pleaded many a times that our government must start 2 year compulsory national service and persons who undergo this creditably be allowed to be MLA or MP. However, the situation on ground is such that people having money and muscle power get the ticket, pious utterances of Modiji, notwithstanding.

RSS must concentrate on “vyakti ka vikas” and not on who is a Hindu and who is not and such other pronunciations. Did you see Mohan Bhagwat coming out and asking government to take action against these culprits?

That’s the problem, dear friends. Till yesterday, not tired in saying, I am a common man with humble beginnings but on getting a big position, immediately turn to become a “laatsaheb “. That’s the problem friends.

Public must take these matters in own hands and force the government to act.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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