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More Misunderstanding than Understanding

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Fissures are already very visible as their common motive is to loot and as they realise that this is a one time short opportunity that they may not see again in their life time, everyone is rushing to grab as much as possible in their unlimited greed. Those who get less will obviously be furious and pull the rug. After all, it is the Karnataka people who are to be blamed. If they can vote 38 per cent for a party that mis-administered India, looted taxpayers’ money and did several other acts to degrade all institutions and cultural symbols of the country, what could one say about their motivations and level of commitment for the national development?  After seeing the result of their unintelligent decision to vote the GOP, they must at least now reform their minds and stand solidly behind one party, who can definitely show a much better progress in the state than their predecessors – just the way its happening at the Center.

The coalition in Karnataka, both JD(U) and Congress are opportunists and the crack is clearly seen from the government formation to the allotment of portfolios in the ministry. The so called ‘mahaghatbandhan’ is also showing signs of breaking away even before its formation. There is no worth while prime ministerial candidate in the coalition and crack may see the breakaway group before the General Elections.

Stop this nonsense of talking 2019 poll still times are there please you people concentrate to serve the people – since after election all the MLA are stayed and hotel where they enjoyed wine and dine – it is very shameful of our democratic system wherever they go to support any political party get money in crores and monthly salary in lakhs with all the benefits, this is all public’s money, do they have time to think about common people? Its very unfortunate Chief Minster HD Kumaraswamy start talking for 2019 election and only God can save Indian people and Indian democracy.

I am still apprehensive of the Congress-JD(S) alliance. Why should the Congress ask for CM’s post midway through a term? This practice of demanding a share in the CMship must be condemned by the people of Karnataka. If Congress insists, JD(S) should boldly withdraw support and choose to sit in the Opposition. Congress had its say in the national politics for over six decades. Let others have a chance now. But the farmers agitate against Kumaraswamy and Kumaraswamy is passing the blame on farmers. Thus, democracy suffers at the hands of such opportunistic politicians. Congress is watching the drama from the distance.
These are smooth talkers and I find diffidence and ifs and buts in this conversation. Congress is known for pulling the rug under the feet and father of HDK knows this. Better this coalition loses early so that a 3 party coalition can be experimented. Or soon President will have extra work.  HDK-besides being the chip of the old block, has in his own right given evidence of being a genuine leader during his 20 month tenure as CM. Thus, there are reasons to believe that this coalition Cong-JD(S) would be durable enough to enable Karnataka move forward in all areas — agriculture, industry and public service. Public is slowly losing confidence in democracy and the role coalition come into picture when people are not able to pick one party with an absolute majority.

Karnataka voters will be ruthless against a non performing opportunistic alliance against popular mandate for BJP in 2019 general election. Congress shall be facing the music for bypassing anti-incumbency through opportunistic alliance then democracy is dying. If half your MLAs lost their elections it means its time for reconnecting with ground instead of vying for power. Coalition politics is causing more problems than creating a congenial atmosphere for governance. There is more misunderstanding than understanding between the present strange bedmates. The honeymoon will be over soon.


Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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