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Motorists must be taught about driving etiquette

Road safety is a concern for all irrespective of gender. It is a matter of fact that lack of etiquettes on the road may prove fatal to citizens. Road safety is a priority and concern to all of us and there is a need of regularly reinforcing this message. If we value pedestrians on streets, and as citizens follow rules on the road, we will create a more responsible society. Safety, and especially road safety, depends on the ability to identify and respond to the ongoing change and challenges. Hazard identification and control are essential. The true costs of accidents are rarely assessed, and can only be of full value if assessed to formulate future projections of loss probability and effective safety management. It seems as if no one is interested in striking at the root of the traffic problems: poor driver education. The road users should avoid driving recklessly. The other example of neglecting while driving or riding are using hand phone while driving, driving when you are sleepy, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and playing loud music while driving. All of this reckless act can be overcome by taking some steps such as use Bluetooth phone devices when receiving or making a call while driving. If the authorities are interested in proper traffic management, the RTOs need to be modernised and upgraded.

More than 1,200,000 people are killed in road accidents worldwide, every year.   It is not the speed but poor road conditions and inconsiderate pedestrians that cause the frequent road accidents and subsequent fatalities. Very often, it is the result of an unpatched pothole that exists for months or some uneven or rough patches of road, sometimes caused by the government agencies that dug up the road and not repairing it in time. Ninety per cent of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement of speed limits. Heavy penalty should be imposed on all those who cross speed limits. If this is strictly implemented, nobody will dare to go at high speed. Existing speed limits should be brought down further. Safety awareness should begin from childhood, as it is difficult to impart awareness to adults. If safety awareness is imparted at childhood it will become a habit.  Advertisements by automobile companies which include scenes of dangerous and risky riding or driving should be banned. Youngsters are likely to imitate the same. Road Safety should be a mandatory topic for School Projects for all classes, every year.

Bike riders are often a headache and we need to focus more on such offenders. Roads are a mess today not because of the bad quality of work, but bad planning. Lane sizes, pedestrian crossings, traffic signals or left-turns are poorly designed. Duty timings of traffic cops should also be extended to man busy junctions to check erring motorists. Many people drive at 6-7 in the evening with their high-beams on, which can disrupt the driver on the opposite side. Moreover, we may increase parking charges and impose heavy penalties for unauthorised parking to reduce the use of private vehicles. The civic body must urge people to use public transport as far as possible to reduce traffic congestion, save fuel and reduce the pollution level in the city. Let’s stop giving excuses, instead look for solutions on the basis of suggestions received from experts and concerned citizens. People  must be taught road etiquette, which could reduce 50% of disarray on streets.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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