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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Mourning India should ask USA to reorganise UN based on Denuclearisation and Secularism

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un basedAfter February 14 Pulwama suicide attack (in which over 40 persons of Indian Security Forces were killed by Pak sponsored militant Jihadis), there was almost a consensus in India that this time diplomatic, economic, etc. solutions would not work and military solution is the only option for ‘teaching Pakistan a lesson’ a euphemism for solution to gory and chronic Kashmir problem as per India. However, after February 28 press conference of three services of Indian military, it is clear that military part is now over without giving a military response to February 27 Pak attack on a military installation of India (God only knows under whose pressure whether the USA or Saudi Arabia or some other).

Hence, despite the drama of putting up a brave face by India by saying that India after 1971 has first time crossed LoC and IAF Planes have gone to even Pak mainland for February 26 strike at Balakot, there is no result on the ground. This is evident from the fact that all the terrorist leaders are still free in Pakistan and PM Imran Khan is still talking about nukes when he said that neither he nor PM Modi would be able to stop the implications of nuclear flare-up and many Pakistani leaders including a Cabinet Minister Sheikh Rasheed of Pak Government is still talking in Pak National Assembly about Islamic-necessity of martyrdom by Jihadis against India (as given at ), hence India is understandably in mourning.

However, everything is not yet lost and there is hope if India tries to eliminate the terrorism (killing of civilians) by Jihadis from SAARC region by realizing Secular Federation of SAARC (starting from Secular Federation of Indo-Pak) (as mentioned at

For this to happen, India should understand that (i) Killing security forces is act of war and not terrorism (ii) Only killing non-combatants (civilians) is terrorism (iii) Rest of world is unreasonable if expects that Pakistan should not to use militant Jihadis for killing security forces of India in Kashmir with local support (an act of war by Pakistan for militarily snatching Indian side of J&K from India).

India should also stop calling attack at Pulwama, Uri, Pathankot, etc. (where security forces were attacked and killed) as terrorist attacks rather these should be called acts of war by Pakistan through Pak sponsored militants. India should also stop calling Balakot strike as non-military and pre-emptive strike rather it should be called military and retaliatory strike. Moreover, instead of indulging in ineffective (and without any end-game) Balakot surgical strike 2 etc, India should mobilise its armed forces (army and navy with air support) on Pak border and should demand PoJK and Jihadis like Hafiz Sayeed (for terrorist attack of killing civilians in India and not for act of war for killing security forces of India) under military ultimatum and then let world community decide.

India should simultaneously ask from world community (led by the leader of free world, the USA) to go for re-organisation/replacement of UN based on complete denuclearization (where India will also hand-over its nukes to this new UN the members of which will be only denuclearised and the denuclearising SECULAR States). In this new UN there should be no veto power to any member rather should be voting rights as per contribution of men (including martial) material (including military) and money and the record of human rights of the member country. India should ask this in the interest of nuclear-threat-free-world in view of also the failure of this week’s denuclearisation talks between the USA and North Korea. India should also demand ‘International Political Parties’ (IPPs) registered at this new UN and Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR at this new UN in place of existing Optional Protocol OP-1 in order to make this new UN success in the interest of bringing peace, prosperity, and happiness to the entire mankind.

Otherwise, one more major (in a so-called minor incidence 5 security forces of India have already been killed on March 1 also by militant Jihadis in Kashmir along with increased shelling at LoC) suicide or other attack by militant Jihadis in Kashmir (who are not entirely under Pak military but under militant-Islam too) will render everything (whatever is being done by India) meaningless and absurd. It is hoped that India will understand that a country of 1.32 billion people with growing economic power cannot (in this age of globalisation) remain in peace unless it contributes commensurately for the proper functioning of global order.

For this to happen India should demand the reorganization/replacement of UN based on denuclearization along with transition from Theocratic States to Secular States of its member countries without which regional and global peace is impossible [given the fact that Saudi Arabia (SaAr, the sponsor of 41 Sunni-NATO commanded by former Pak Army Chief Raheel Sharif) is spreading Wahabi / Jihadi militant ideology all across the world on the strength of its immense petrodollars which has empowered SaAr to the extent that it is even getting away with the brutal murder of its citizen & Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi (in its Consulate at a NATO country Turkey) which SaAr admitted without explaining as to what happened to the dismembered body of Khashoggi].

Hindu majority of India will succeed in the above mentioned only when it learns to live with Muslims. On about two dozen Indian TV channels commentators/panelists/anchors are saying that India’s aim for Balakot air strike etc. is to eliminate terrorism but hardly anybody says that aim is also to retrieve Indian Territory of Muslim PoJK. When India says that it wants to eliminate Pak sponsored terrorism its real intention is that Pakistan should not disturb Hindu majority India about whatever India is doing in Muslim Kashmir. India says that only handful of people in Kashmir are alienated then why hundreds of thousands of security forces are training guns on Indian citizens in Kashmir under the protection of AFSPA etc. (whereas for a handful of alienated people the civil society and Police are enough). It is high time India understands the basic political principle that — in a democracy the patriotism of citizens (the real sovereigns) is never questioned.

By ​Hem Raj Jain

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of AFTERNOON VOICE and AFTERNOON VOICE does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)
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