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MPs make mockery of democracy

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It’s a matter of great shame. Expelled MP from Vijaywada L Rajagopal who had sprayed pepper spray in the parliament against the introduction of Telangana Bill in Lok Sabha must be dismissed and debarred for life to contest any election. What kind of people is being issued tickets by the political parties? Three days back the MNS had held demonstrations in Mumbai against the toll levy issue and now MPs have shamed the nation by disrupting the parliament.

Since few months is still remaining for the general election the Election Commission must scrutinize the applications filed by MPs to contest election. Political parties must lay down strict guidelines for the selection of candidates. Only honest and qualified candidates possessing good experience must be issued a ticket.

Our country is witnessing a lot of indiscipline and the police must not hesitate in using the cane. Strict action must be taken against miscreants responsible for such acts. I overturned an auto, I can be recognized in photo and yet no action is taken against me. So now I will enter the assembly and do more harm.

The justice delivery system is slow-paced hence criminals have no fear of law. Let us hope that the Lok Sabha election dates are announced early and Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister so that order can be restored speedily. You cannot be allowed to remain a mute spectator while anti-social activities flourishes around you and you enjoy luxurious life at the cost of public money.

Why MPs are not frisked while entering the parliament? This is the reason politicians get offended when they are subjected to checks at international airports. MPs must mend their ways so that there is no need of any frisking. Political parties will behave irresponsibly they only need money and muscle power to win elections. Citizens and the Election Commission have to come forward to impose pressure on political parties to deny tickets to bad elements.

The question always rolls back to citizen development and nothing is being done in this regard. The Indian citizen too acts irresponsibly and lacks accountability and they will vote for those candidates who promise to provide freebies to them. Good nations are not built in this manner. Let Narendra Modi assume office at the earliest to bring about radical changes in the political arena. Finally, MPs have brought disrepute to the nation.

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