Mr. Modi, let’s see how much India change in your time

Counting is yet to start; exit polls have created ripples in political parties. Everyone is confused and there is nothing much to predict as Television News channels have already declared NDA as a winner. Every Indian knows the fate of exit polls, it’s a marketing gimmick and nothing else. We have seen how accurate it is in the past. They have been proven wrong. Anyways, there is lots of noise in RSS and BJP about the formation of government. The BJP top brass went into a jumble to discuss the leeway of the party forming the government at the Centre and changes in the organisation ahead of counting of votes on May 16, 2014. The party has already made it clear that it is not averse to receiving the support from any party which even has a single MP and will welcome it if it supports the BJP agenda. Senior BJP leaders held a sequence of meetings at Delhi since morning with party President Rajnath Singh. Nitin Gadkari may lose his Nagpur seat but he is playing an active role in negotiating with groups within the party. He is meeting all senior leaders of BJP on behalf of RSS instructions. BJP’s senior leaders are yet to take decision on L.K. Advani’s role in the next government. Though, he was ignored and neglected by ‘Team Modi’ in recent time, however, party will be accomodating all senior leaders as there is no other option.

Chance of Arun Jaitley winning from Amritsar is very little and he might even lose. However Jaitley along with Amit Shah also held a meeting at the former’s residence to discuss the situation arising out of exit poll results that favour an NDA government from coming to power. Speculation is also widespread about some changes in the party if NDA comes to power. Rajnath Singh may have to continue as party chief, though Gadkari’s name is also being floated to replace him. Gadkari on his part has ruled out his taking over the party and said Mr. Singh will continue to steer the party as he had ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. RSS has also advised the BJP not to weaken the party in case it forms the government and that the party should remain strong and vibrant even after a BJP-led government comes to power. BJP’s strategy groups are focusing on priority areas for the new government. Think tanks and strategy groups of the BJP, which have on board several former bureaucrats, have been focussing on priority areas for the new government in accordance with the BJP’s manifesto, which had the imprint of the party’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi.

BJP may be running from pillar to post to form government and do all sort of planning but, still we cannot totally rely on exit poll and make hue and cry over whether it would be boon or bane. Exit polls are mere assumptions which in previous elections proved wrong and were futile. Let the result come out on 16th of this month. If NDA wins then it means majority of Indian people are frustrated with UPA and voted on anti-incumbency factor. And if UPA creates history by winning third consecutive time then it means people are aware of the consequence of NDA government, and are frightening of communalism. And if Third Front comes in a situation to form the government, then again it is the people who want change. So better we should wait and see what we, the people of India, planned in this whole election month for next ‘Five Years’. However, Exit polls are not exact polls. NDA has performed better than opinion polls in Exit polls.

Exit poll reveals only moods of the people whom they were approached. If the predictions or survey reveals the actual results, the survey media people will pay their own shoulders. What will they do if the survey is not exactly with that of facts? For this purpose, they will predict the results by giving the range, to safeguard themselves. The media is worrying about their TRP ratings. You never know who may play crucial role. You cannot ignore Aam Aadmi Party and their emergence also has damaged the potentials of two largest political parties.
The Exit polls have predicted 24 to 31 seats for the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu. One wonders what utility the AIADMK MPs can have for the State (Tamil Nadu), if they are not in the government. Even if the party wins all the 40 seats, the output is not going to be any different. Of course, it (the AIADMK) can have the personal gratification of sending record party MPs from the State this time. If the AIADMK wins over 24 seats this time (when the people are languishing in power cuts, problem of law and order, etc.), then it means that the people of Tamil Nadu like Jayalalithaa’s style of governance and may opt for her in 2016 Assembly elections too. All TN people know AIADMK is not the initiator of Power Cut crisis. The starting point is DMK and its inefficient infrastructure managing alliance UPA. That’s why, people had given strong punch to both DMK & Congress in TN assembly elections.

Anyways, each state has its own equations and political settings. At this moment, the entire exercise is futile and unwarranted, when the actual chips will be down on the 16th. The broad outlines of the election results were already evident, even before the expensive surveys. Once the elections are over, every Indian should think only about the welfare and progress of the country. Only one thing is clear from all these exit polls that Congress could not compete with BJP on ‘modern issue’ of Development. Since independence, INC has been forging and engineering ‘electoral weather’ on the three basic amenities rather they ever talked about bigger issues or S&T innovation to make India ‘self-resilient’ and ‘truly Independent’. ‘Political Engineering’ and ‘Philosophical Principles’ emerged in this election as thumb rule. People of India broken all shackles of Caste and Regionalism and have cast their Votes on ‘Altar’ of ‘Congress-ism’. People need ‘pro-people’ and ‘pro-development’ government rather than ‘paper-boat’ or ‘mum’ government.