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Mumbai police ill-equipped to crack cyber crimes

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There has been a surge in crime rates in Mumbai but a question which arises here is why the police have failed to crub crimes in the metropolis? If crimes rates are rising then what could be the scenario in the year 2020 whether it will continue to rise? Five years back, India had witnessed the gruesome 26/11 terror attacks which had created panic everywhere. After this incident questions were raised about how secure citizens are in India as politicians had made tall claims about making the city safe. Even after five years most of the promises made continue to remain on paper. This raised questions about the reliability of Mumbai police and why effective steps were not taken to beef up the security of the city.

By the year 2020, the population will increase further and crimes rates too will be higher. Criminals will become more techno-savvy as more developments will take in the place of information technology. The Mumbai police are already two steps behind to detect cyber crime and resolve it. The reason behind this is that they lack IT knowledge which is becoming a major roadblock in solving cyber crimes. If the police fails to check crime rates then it will only increase in the future and the Mumbai police is ill-equipped to control crime rates.

Cyber-crime is a new phenomenon. With rising use of internet and growth in banking sector, new forms of crimes will emerge. Police will have to undergo training for tackling such crimes. Cyber offences, like terrorism and underworld, came into existence in the ’90s, spurring the need for a dedicated cyber crime cell. Policemen will have to be trained in information technology and the emerging technologies. Only one cyber crime police station exists in the city at Bandra Kurla Complex.

While conducting research on cyber crime cases I found that in each police station a cyber team is formed to detect and solve the cyber crime cases. It is really shocking that the cyber police team themselves are ill-equipped to crack the cases. Surprisingly, many cops are unaware about how to operate computers then how they will solve cases pertaining to cyber crimes.

The Cyber police station is also facing shortage of manpower thereby resulting in piling up of several cases which remain unresolved. I am afraid that in future cyber crimes will increase but how will police nab the culprits as they are not prepared to tackle such type of crimes. More police officials will have to be recruited and they will have to undergo training to curb cyber crimes. If these steps are taken then criminals will rethink before committing crimes.

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