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Let’s celebrate Independence Day in free spirit

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As the nation geared up for its 72nd Independence Day, the spirits are rather high from the grassroot level. On this happiest occasion, I have taken up the challenge to ensure that I follow traffic rules and road discipline with utmost sincerity and dedication. I will not jump signals, will not violate lane rules, follow road signals, not drive through one-way traffic roads, not only when a cop is around but also when none is there. The true sense of freedom is realised when we enjoy its responsibilities. As a regular morning walker, I distribute flags on both Independence and Republic Days and pick up the deserted flags and keep the flags in its appointed place in our housing complex. I am doing this for many years to respect our National Flag and it is my earnest desire that others should follow this example.

The flag is the symbol of India’s sovereignty. It is quite imperative that all the residents of India including the ones who stay in cities too respect the National Flag. Further, the Union Ministry in its notification has instructed to prevent usage of plastic Flags. We must respect that decision. Once the celebrations are over, it is our utmost duty to see that the Flags should not lie on the roads. As a keen follower of Gandhian Policy, I picked few flags on the street and kept it as a souvenir. It is also quite imperative to stand in silence for the National Anthem. This is my clarion call.

It is indeed a misfortune that our National flag is being misused in several ways. It was unfortunate to see tricolour was fluttering upside down in some places. The tricolour needs to be lowered after sunset. We hear women wearing dresses made up of National Flag with Ashoka Chakra coming near the waist area. Some people carry the tricolour upside down with the Green colour occupying the top spot. Again, after the use, the flags are strewn all over the place and the people just brush past them. It is time we respect our National Flag as other countries do it. Showing disrespect to the National Flag is indeed a sorry state of affairs.

The tricolour instils in you a sense of great pride, no matter what the platform is, the confidence level takes you to the skies on the Independence Day. India is my country and all the Indians are my brothers are sisters — this rings in my mind throughout the day and the year around. Born in the year 1950, I feel proud to be an Indian. However, I felt that these occasions are not worth celebrating if we do not obey the right guidelines. We see people hoisting the Flag as per their own convenience and again in the evening, the flag is not brought down as per the guidelines. This is not in good taste.

The Constitution urges all the citizens to honour the National Flag. The civic body, in turn, should take the lead and issue necessary instruction to the people to follow the rules strictly. It is time to celebrate the Independence Day with much fervour and free spirit.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of AFTERNOON VOICE and AFTERNOON VOICE does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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