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Nationalism should precede extremism

How loosely and how irresponsibly the people talk of creating Hindu Rashtra. We have a constitution, which will have to be annulled and then re-written and adopted. Are we in a position to do so? Will the people of India allow this? Do we now have the requisite talent to write out a constitution when you can’t think beyond petty politics? Where are the other Hindu Rashtras?

We are doing everything except working sincerely. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have done a lot of good job but he certainly has destroyed the work culture. Can you show me a sentence where Modi says asks citizens to work hard which will pave for achche din. None of his cabinet ministers have dared to say this too. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi criticized Modi for ignoring the interests of farmers and also asked when will the promised achche din will come? Rahul emphasized that farmer suicides were rising as NDA government has been neglecting them since it came to power over a year ago. He also said that the erstwhile UPA government had passed the Land Ordinance Act but the NDA government is trying to dilute it by snatching the land of farmers.

The RSS must be congratulated for completing 90 years of its existence. One thing I appreciate about Mohan Bhagwat is that he has picked up the courage to express concern about burgeoning population in the country. Now it becomes the duty of the government to immediately take steps to curb rising population.

Friends, there is crisis of character in the country at present. There is lot of indiscipline. Indiscipline exists even at the Chief Ministerial level. Look how Arvind Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is talking about Narendra Modi and how he is quietly listening even with a 56 inch chest. I am confused whether I should follow Hinduism of Shiv Sena or RSS. I will prefer to follow my own Hinduism because being Hindu means being obedient and working hard cheerfully. Respecting our parents and teachers is good Hinduism which I have automatically been following because that is what I learnt from my elders.

People are talking about Ram and Shiva. Experiences teach you a lot in life. I follow Lord Hanuman because Hanuman chalisa was taught to me by my grandmother and aunts. He could not recognize the correct herb so he brought the entire hillock. We need such persons who can perform selfless service without expecting anything in return.

Mahendra Singh


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