ND Tiwari ties the knot at 88

Finally, ND Tiwari got married to Ujjwala Sharma mother of his biological son Rohit Shekhar. In Septemeber 2007, Rohit had filed a paternity suit against Tiwari claiming that he was born out of an affair between the Congress leader and his mother Ujjwala. During that period of time, Tiwari claimed all the allegations made against him as baseless and refused to undergo DNA test. Later, he had to comply with the court order and the test revealed that Rohit was his son. In Tiwari’s long-standing paternity tussle with Rohit Shekhar, the Delhi High Court on April 24 had declared Shekhar as Tiwari’s biological son.

Ujjwala Sharma had earlier this month staged a protest outside Tiwari’s residence. Later, she was allowed entry in Tiwari’s house here and had been staying with him since then. ND Tiwari promised Ujjwala Sharma that he would adopt her son to avoid political setback and she agreed. Was it necessary for ND Tiwari to get married at this age or he had taken this decision after the arrival of DNA test reports.

Whatever prompted Tiwari to take this decision but why did Ujjwala accept his proposal? All these years, she has been fighting a battle to give social sanctity to their relationship. It’s really a shameful act. Tiwari was initially reluctant to accept Rohit as his son. After so many decades, Tiwari has tied the knot because it’s obvious that he has already past his prime.

Strict action must be taken against Tiwari for wasting the time in judicial process and wasting tax payers money too. I don’t think he married Ujjawala Sharma as per the instructions of the court. He also is guilty of not accepting Rohit as his son despite knowing that he is his son.

But a woman like Ujjwala is blot on the society. She was a former professor in Delhi and yet accepted this marriage proposal just for the sake of her son. Besides serving as chief minister of UP thrice and Uttarakhand once, Tiwari served as Governor of Andhra Pradesh between 2007 to 2009, when his name figured in a sex scandal and he had to resign. It would have been much better if ND Tiwari had endorsed a condom brand along with Sunny Leone instead of getting married to Ujjwala.