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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Need of the hour is stern action against instigators

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Shoot and Sight to violence people, delhi violence, violence, india, shoot at sight order, encounter, police, delhi, narendra modi, bjp, violence in india, delhi riots, delhi terroristsIndia is a country that always faces the danger of the explosive built in animosity between two religious communities. It is a serious case though when one group cannot and will not accept the national laws and wants to create and live by its own version of laws. Naturally, the other group is vehemently suspicious of the other’s motives. When one comes to the conclusion that the government is unwilling or unable to stem the tide, they take matters into their own hands that often leads to catastrophic consequences.

Often it is a balancing act for the government. India will have to remain an unified nation under unified laws to be viable. Individual religions have individual manifestos, but no one’s manifesto can be supreme. The politicians are to blame for that.  It is purely creation of Indian misguided opposition parties and they are responsible for the death and destruction of the beautiful city of Delhi. Clearly, anti-social and anti-nationalists are reaping advantages by creating such mayhem. Unfortunately our politicians are causing a rift in the society by beguiling the masses. The media is also not doing enough to make people aware.

Unscrupulous politicians are requested to withdraw from idiotic campaigns, unleashing of false propaganda , inciting religious venom etc. Once ignited, it would be difficult to douse the fire. Granting citizenship to minorities who fled from persecution was an unfulfilled promise for a long time. The present government deserves praises for taking initiatives to give relief to marooned refugees. Just think, giving citizenship to a majority will cause population explosion here. Don’t add vote bank politics everywhere. Just think, communistic preferences in delivery of quota for 3 generations have left meritorious of open category beyond margins. Who cares about deprivation of consumers when below average teaches impotent rise to power and imbecile treat? Better campaign against apartheid in reverse gear.

Beyond politics and sympathy for the family of the policeman killed, it’s a shame that he was shot at by a rioting mob. It’s very clear that it’s no more or a so-called ‘agitation’ but is riot encouraged and helped by opposition in general and particular parties specific? The government is responsible for maintaining law and order, leave alone peace, should stand up, if required through well armed forces and quell it.

This unrest over CAA should have been diffused long ago by the government by timely intervention in allaying the fears by reaching out to the protesters. We should have a clear drawing line and should not view every politicised issue from electoral dividends. The government allowed the unrest to pester and is now fire fighting. Time for maximum governance as promised.

The curfew and shoot and sight order for these hooligans, criminals who have inappropriate behaviour towards the law and order of the state, the country’s constitution and the judicial system given a protest march which should be conducted peacefully. I think these people should be arrested and brought to the judicial system of the country also shoot and sight order is justified for these criminals. Ever since the BJP and Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power, rioting stopped significantly. The Modi government was engaged in development of people with catch phrase ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas‘ irrespective of caste, creed and religion. When the nation was marching ahead with great pace, its enemy struck again. Seemingly, innocent law to offer long awaited justice to refugees was targeted to settle score.

Who are these protesters and who is instigating them? The answer to this will lead to a solution. The government needs to take a very stern action against the instigators and the media needs to name and shame them even if the instigators are sections of the media itself.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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