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Netanyahu says Zionist Union will turn East Jerusalem into Hamastan

As Israelis cast their ballots on Tuesday for the 20th Knesset, PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party is in for a strong challenge from from his rival Zionist camp led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.

While Netanyahu, also known as ‘Bibi’ is noted for his stress on national security, (which has reportedly become the reason of ennui that has set in among Israelis) Herzog and his allies are going ahead with the issue of socioeconomic welfare.

Over 5.8 million Israelis will on Tuesday have the power to choose if they want to retain Netanyahu as PM for his fourth term or choose a fresh face as the country’s tenth PM.

Netanyahu has made it clear that if re-elected he will never allow the formation of a Palestinian State. He further said that if the Zionist Union came to power they would turn East Jerusalem into Hamastan B, reported the Haaretz.

In what cause Netanyahu much chagrin, a senior Likud MK has said that even if their party lost the elections, it will be an achievement for them because “Bibi will go home”.

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