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New Year Resolution for 2020

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New Year Resolutions, happy new year 2020, happy new year, new year 2020, new year, resolutions, Many people talk big about making a New Year resolution, but as days and months pass by, many people do not even remember them ! In today’s mechanical world with strenuous daily routines, one will certainly not be able to honestly abide by any resolution. My resolution always is not to have or follow any resolution. Because,  I believe in living life as it comes, One should believe in living in the moment and take things as they come and face them according to situations.

I want to, in fact, leave the past behind and make the most of what lies ahead. And yes, if anybody asks me to have some resolution and what do I wish for, then I would rather say that we must resolve to make our planet peaceful, save nature, protect trees, mountains, rivers and the environment.

As a Mumbaikar, I hope that the city of Mumbai will be a place where everyone can co-exist peacefully. Our city should be kept clean, open  spaces should not be converted into concrete jungles. Basic amenities should be available to all. I would urge the  political parties to desist from the display of huge banners and the people to avoid plastics of all kinds. Let us protect the environment, nature and this planet. So, let us all strive to follow the basic principles of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” and maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times and at all costs and at every inch of our environment and society. Let us learn lessons from the recent natural calamities like floods and vow not to play or tinker with the nature. Let us all save the planet to save ourselves.

As far as my country is concerned, I would like to see a very peaceful year-2020. I would like to see total end to terror activities along the borders and would not like to see our soldiers getting martyred in the “proxy war”. Most importantly, I urge all the leaders of all the political parties, social activists, media and intellectuals to think about the nation and its welfare and development. Have a patriotic approach for the nation you stay in and not encourage the enemy nation and anti-nationals to act against our country, in any manner, by your unwarranted comments and acts. In this respect at least, I will be glad if all the leaders and countrymen stand united, to prove that “Mera Bharat is Mahaan indeed”. They can have differences of opinion in matters of central government’s policies, etc. But when it comes to India, it should always be “NATION FIRST”.  JAI HIND !

I would like to conclude with a story for the New Year 2020.

When I started using pen in my primary school, and I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it before submitting to my teacher. Sometimes, I use chalk to clean my mistake but it later re-appeared. So I began to use saliva, it worked, but only to leave holes in my books. My teachers then used to beat me for being outrageously dirty. But all I tried to do was to cover my error.

One day, a kind hearted teacher who loved me so much called me aside and he said,  “Anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on.”  He said further “Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book to nothing.”

I told him in protest that I don’t want people to see my mistake. My loving teacher laughed and said, “Trying to erase your mistake will make more people know about your mess and the stigma is for life.”

Have you made some mistakes in life? Cross it over and move on. Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes. Better things are ahead of you.

Strike out your 2019 mistakes and move into 2020 with a fresh note.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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