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NGOs only bothered about gaining publicity

Couple of days ago my lab was on a mating spree. Her name was Zoya as she adjusted quickly with new surroundings. I was wondering whether she was missing her owner or her home as she was very friendly. Zoya lived with us for three days. When breeder bought her home he instructed us to keep her tied for the entire day and offer normal food.

The location where he asked me to tie her was a hot area which is unsuitable for and labs. Initially, I decided to follow the instructions of the breeder as he knows her well. In the afternoon, I noticed that she was unable to sleep well. She splattered water every where and slept over it and her belt was almost shredded.

Since I couldn’t see her struggling I bought her into my home and offered her cold water. After five minutes she fall asleep deep asleep her body was no longer warm. In the evening her breeder came, when he saw Zoya sleeping he became angry as he never wanted me to unleash her.

He asked me what she is doing inside as he had asked me to keep her out. He also asked me why I unleashed her. I explained him about the situation but he was unwilling to understand.

I was really angry by then, as he returned from walk. I took Zoya from his possession and refused to part with her. I said you are merely a breeder what about her owner aren’t they worried about her? I don’t even have their number. He replied that it’s her owner’s business.

I was confused for some time and realized that it is just a business and she actually belongs to no family. Before this she was already pregnant for three times and she was only three years old. According to me pets are not bred until they turn two.

The mating charges were expensive as I had to shell out four thousand rupees. I am unaware about the mating procedure. Meanwhile, I decided to call some NGOs or welfare activists to introduce them about Zoya. I tried calling the NGO Animal matters to me as I had gone through their website. I thought they would definitely help and guide me. Unfortunately, none of them responded to my calls.

NGOs do some work to achieve fame and earn money through donations. But when it comes to helping somebody none of them are willing to do so. This is the second instance when I am undergoing problem with a NGO. Last time, I had rescued a cat who was hit by a biker. I took her to clinic for treatment. During that time, I was searching for a NGO which could take care of her. Since two dogs already stay at my residence hence it was difficult to accommodate a cat. I had called NGO but none of them responded.

I called Paws NGO’s owner Sunish Subramanian who claims himself to be a rescuer of animals. He also keeps posting pictures of rescued animals on facebook. However, I realized he was just another money monger personality who replied that he doesn’t have any proper place to accommodate the cat. Finally, I told him that he is a cheater and I feel ashamed that he is being rewarded for his work. Later, he texted me the number of a volunteer named Asha. Finally, I decided to keep the cat with me. She was entirely paralyzed and was unable to have bowel moment and died one afternoon.

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