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Nick Jonas is my twin says Demi Lovato


The ‘Cool For The Summer’ hitmaker is preparing to go on tour with the ‘Jealous’ singer later this year and can’t wait to get on the road with her close friend.

She said: “We hang out. I always joke that he is like my twin brother, but not crazy.

“We just have so much fun together, so going on the road is gonna be a lot of fun.”

But the pair won’t just be having fun as Demi, 23, is also expecting to write new songs with her friend, who is also 23.

She added in an interview with ‘Extra’: “We write really well together so we’ll probably be writing a lot as well, I was just in the studio with him a few days ago writing stuff for my new album.”

One person likely to be joining Demi on the road during her tour is her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama as the former ‘X Factor’ judge always finds the 36-year-old actor incredibly supportive of her career.

She said: “It’s amazing having him support me. I’m also really supportive of him and everything that he’s doing.

“He’s shooting so many things right now, a pilot called ‘Four Stars’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’… he’s doing great — I’m really proud of him.”

Nick recently admitted he can’t wait to get on tour with Demi because the show will be so much fun and very different to other concerts as they’ll be doing some performing together, as well as their own sets.

He said: “I think that the thing that makes touring with Demi so exciting is: We’re friends, obviously, but also our partnership with the record label we started and the ability to build a night of music and have it not feel like a festival line-up but a full show, with intertwined sets that’ll keep it interesting for us and the fans.”

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