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No country for free speech

Indian Constitution has bestowed its citizens with many rights and duties. Article 19 stands out as it gives the residents of this country the freedom of speech and expression; the right to assemble peacefully and without arms; to form associations or unions; to move freely throughout the territory of India; to reside and settle in any part of Indian party; and to practise any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. But freedom of speech and expression is the best and often the (most controversial) one among the people.

All of us are so free with our thoughts that we tell it straightforward to others or who so ever concerned. We will share/post images, put up statuses and DPs on various social networking sites, etc. However, our main intention is that we always want to express what’s up on our mind. Through this we are forever sending and receiving the information about each other’s lives. Also one gets to know the opinions on issues afflicting our society through various media platforms like radio, television, newspapers, electronic media, etc. The important thing is that we want our message to reach across the masses loud and clear.

Along with the rights, we are also under restrictions. Restrictions of Article 19 (a) as you know are: security of the state, friendly relations with foreign state, public order, decency and morality, contempt of court, defamation, incitement to an offence, and sovereignty and integrity of India. But Indians citizens take great pleasure in violating rules and laws. Adults like to do (as in experiment out) things they are NOT supposed to do. Since childhood all are curious to do everything and anything.

Whenever someone speaks or says anything there is always ‘motive’ or ‘intentions’ for doing so; very often people fail to identify/realise the intention and get judgmental about what is being said or written. Like just the recent case of AIB – Knockout, it is unfortunate that a gang of stand-up comedians were so badly condemned for the act/event. It was purely entertainment based show ‘Roast’- western concept which they tried to introduce received severe criticism from certain sections of the society. Politicians find these jokes offensive, but certainly what’s happening with the women in rural and urban India is condemnable. What an irony! There are many greater issues which need attention and action, not some random show (done for a good cause).

Yes, we are living in an independent country, where if you speak your heart and mind without giving a damn of the consequences, the subject concerned (if they are influential) will make sure that you are harassed or receive death threats, because they don’t want to be exposed and face the ire of the public and media. If things don’t change for the better in the near future, then very soon the true meaning of ‘freedom’ will cease.

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