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‘No indication’ Swiss train attack was terrorist act: police

Swiss police said there was so far no indication that an attacker’s knife rampage on a train, which killed one woman and injured five passengers, was an act of terror.

“The question of motive remains,” police from Switzerland’s eastern Saint Gallen region said in a statement, stressing: “To date there is no indication this was a terrorist or politically motivated act.”

Police spokesman Bruno Metzger told “terrorism is not our main theory” for afternoon’s attack and that “other motives” figured far higher on the list, although he would not say what they were.

A 27-year-old Swiss national used flammable liquid to start a fire on a moving train in eastern Switzerland before stabbing passengers, according to police.

The attack took place at around 2:20 pm (1220 GMT) near Salez station on a train running between Buchs and Sennwald near Switzerland’s eastern border with Liechtenstein and Austria.

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