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Noel Gallagher rejects Oasis reunion rumours

Noel-GallagherMusician Noel Gallagher has ruled out an Oasis reunion.

The 47-year-old rocker said he will “never, ever” forgive his brother Liam for walking out during their live shows, reported Daily Mirror.

“My argument is, be all you want, but do the gig first then be… His argument is, I am just being… All the time. Up until 2009 there would be countless gigs where, three songs in, he would just pop his headphones on and get off.

“You would be doing a guitar solo and you would get to the end of the song, and he has obviously gone back to fix his sunglasses,” Noel said.

Noel quit Oasis as they were about to go on stage in 2009. Since then he and Liam have had a turbulent relationship.

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