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Non-vegetarianism affects the whole humanity

Doctors around the world have proved that vegetarian food is the best for good health. A balanced diet consisting of fruits, herbs, vegetables, different types of pulses, seeds and milk products, etc.

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vegetarian food, vegetarianism, veg food, food, eating, non-vegetarian food, World Non-Vegetarian Prevention DayWorld Non-Veg Prevention Day is observed every year on 25 November, the main purpose of celebrating this day is to be sensitive towards animal violence and motivate people towards vegetarianism. The main motive of this day is to develop a civilized, balanced, and non-violent society. From world history till today, great men who have walked on non-violent ideology have been known with great respect. While great men like Lord Mahavira, Mahatma Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi made India their identity in the world through non-violence, they made people aware of non-violence and vegetarianism. Then why even today, from the country to the world, everywhere from city to village, people’s food is based on meat, due to which millions of innocent animals fall prey to the human diet. Science also says that vegetarianism is the best food to prevent all kinds of diseases, from consuming non-vegetarian food where mental disorders arise. Even in the Corona epidemic, vegetarianism has been accepted as the safest, suitable, and healthy food.

At the time of the Corona catastrophe, the voice of change in the food for the happy life and health of human beings is heard all over the world. The number of people who give up non-vegetarian food is increasing not only in India but in the world. According to a recent survey conducted by global research company Ipsos, 63 % of Indians are now adopting vegetarianism instead of non-vegetarian food. According to news, 1.5 million people in America are vegetarian. 10.5% of the population of the Netherlands was vegetarian ten years ago, while currently, 5% of the people there are vegetarian. According to the well-known Gallup poll, three thousand people are becoming vegetarian every week in England. There are now more than 25 million people who are vegetarian. The shortness of life due to increasing diseases has forced a person to adopt vegetarianism; the truth is that vegetarianism is an advanced lifestyle, safe diet.

Doctors around the world have proved that vegetarian food is the best for good health. A balanced diet consisting of fruits, herbs, vegetables, different types of pulses, seeds and milk products, etc. does not produce any poisonous elements in the food. The main reason for this is that when an animal is killed it becomes a dead substance. This does not apply with vegetables. If a vegetable is cut in half and sowed in the ground, then it will be produced again as a vegetable tree. Because it is a living substance. But this cannot be said for a sheep, lamb, or rooster. Other specific discoveries have also revealed that when an animal is killed, it becomes so frightened that the toxic elements emanating and spread all over its body and those poisonous elements are in the form of flesh. Then after eating the animal flesh the same toxins have been transferred into the body of humans. Our body is not capable of completely removing those poisonous elements. The result is high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, etc.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that in terms of health, we should be completely vegetarian while prohibiting non-vegetarian food. Nature has made man vegetarian by nature. No laborious animal consumes animal flesh, be it horse or camel, bull or elephant. Then why does a human being become non-vegetarian, contrary to his nature; spread fatal diseases and deformities of the world?

Eating meat only for taste is not only violence but also the culmination of the nature of forgiveness. In the ‘Sushruta Samhita: it is written that cooking food is a sacred act like a yajna. A carnivore produces poisonous elements that make a person cruel and violent, reducing his body’s immunity and making him prone to other diseases like blood pressure and heart diseases. ‘Tamsik food’ produces deformities like anger and laziness in the human body. It is also said that the food should be eaten as it is.

Mahatma Gandhi used to say that taste is not in substance, but in man’s own tongue. Far from opposing non-vegetarianism in the country of Gandhi, who controlled the taste of tongues with neem, it is worrisome that in some areas, the emphasis on non-vegetarianism is worrisome, even shameful for the non-violence worshipers. The meat industry has been adopting various tactics to encourage and promote meat-eating. Such mischiefs have been happening in India too. The business people have been undertaking such so-called cruel and religious beliefs taken for granted for their own benefit and also for the promotion and use of meat and eggs.

The poultry industry tried its best to spread its commercial net by promoting eggs as “vegetarian” and “non-living”. But it is an auspicious dialogue that now vegetarianism has started in India, making it a lifestyle of the people is a moral obligation of every enlightened citizen in favour of non-violence and against the ruthless killing of innocent creatures and unborn seedlings for the sake of happiness. It is the first duty of everyone to prepare the public.

Efforts have been made to promote vegetarianism in India, not only in India but the great intellectuals of the world, e.g. Aristotle, Plato, Leonardo Davinci, Shakespeare, Darwin, P. H. Huxley, Emerson, Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Sir Julian Huxley, Leo Tolstoy, Shelly, Russo, etc. were all vegetarians. In terms of human structure, we will see that vegetarian food is our natural food. America’s world-renowned nutritionist Dr. Michael Klepper says that the yellow part of the egg is the largest source of cholesterol and frozen lubricants in the world, which is fatal to health.

Today the biggest problem in the world is to prevent further peace of world peace and violence. There are clouds of violence and terrorism everywhere. If they can be stopped, then only by propelling human nature towards non-violence and vegetarianism. We also have a duty under Article 51A (G) of the Indian Constitution to have mercy on all living beings and remember that if we cannot provide life to someone, then we have no right to take his life. ‘The question is why then we have been undertaking extensive efforts to develop and encourage slaughterhouses here? After all, why have we become so insensitive?

In the last few years, a large number of vegetarians have been seen in western countries ever since new researches have proved that vegetarianism is safer as human food. Not only this, but people have also come to understand that non-vegetarianism is not just the cause of diseases, but are contrary to non-violence, peace, environment, agriculture, morality, and human values. It is also negative for the economy. Modernism has become synonymous in the West. People can be seen taking pride in declaring themselves vegetarian as leaders of this new trend.

The ideology of Western philosophies, which once used to consider meat-eating as the most suitable, has started to turn towards vegetarianism. This should be called a good sign in favour of vegetarianism from many perspectives. Non-vegetarians are the cause of many problems and this is causing tremendous damage to agriculture. In Ayurveda, non-veg has been called the home of diseases. The flag-bearer of agro-culture has always been a driver of many values like non-violence and love. It is important that central and state governments can solve the problem of food grains of the country by closing slaughterhouses, while at the same time they can also solve the problem of water, environment, dwindling livestock, milk, ghee, and fertilizer. The employment that crores of people will get is different. Promoting vegetarianism means enhanced health as well as an improved economy and progressive lifestyle. If we can educate the coming generations about vegetarianism, and tell people about its benefits, and advise them to eat non-vegetarian food, then it will be a real meaning to celebrate World Non-Vegetarian Prevention Day.

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Lalit Garg
Lalit Garg
Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasha samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. He can be reached at
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