Friday, July 30, 2021
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Note ban musings

Time and again former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan is issuing statements contradictory to the interest of the government after leaving his post and this does not augur well for our economy. Having worked as a RBI Governor for a period, he should maintain the decorum of his office and not stoop so low in his comments. After all, government considered all the implications before implementing the note ban and the people took it as a challenge. The after effects were felt for some time and the move is yielding results as of now.  Government is trying hard to repair the damages if any, and remedial measures are taken forthwith. Public should earn interest for their savings and already fixed deposit interests are reduced to balance the extra amount paid in savings bank accounts. Flushing out black money was the main object and that was achieved decisively and it is a success. Having missed to serve the nation with his controversial ouster, Rajan is trying to wash dirty linen in public. Mud slinging could have been done during his tenor and achieved an amicable solution then there instead of opening his mouth on spoilt milk. He is a learned person and ought to have taken the note ban in right spirits rather than criticising all the time. Note ban musings continue and play in the minds of Raghuram Rajan as he failed in his attempt to bring balance to economy then now poking his nose at every opportune moment.


Nickhil Mani

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