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Nothing has changed in two years

The government is only indulging in publicity stunts and actual progress is not visible on ground says Pawar.

Sharad Pawar-AV

Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad Pawar launched a scathing attack on the Modi government and said that it has failed to fulfil the promises made to people on the occasion of 2014 Lok Sabha election. Pawar added that there is no achche din for citizens of the country as the government is only indulging in publicity stunts and actual progress is not visible on ground. He made these statements on the occasion of the 17th Foundation day of NCP. Since last two years there have been a sharp fall in the agricultural production as prices of essential commodities like pulses, foodgrains have increased. Pawar said that the government lacks political will to augment agricultural production as farmers are committing suicide. Maharashtra already has reported large number of farmer suicides in the country. Many factories have been shut as lakhs of youth have become unemployed he said.

“The people had voted for the Modi government to bring change in governance but the situation remains the same even after two years. The residents of Delhi and Bihar have already voted for other parties as they were fed up of the government’s functioning. People have lost faith in the government,” said Pawar.

“Instead of focussing on governance Modi always blames the erstwhile Congress government for its failure to deliver despite ruling the country for 60 years. He makes controversial statements while visiting foreign countries. He also malign’s the country’s image on foreign tours which is unjustified. Prime Minister has to present a better picture of the country when he visits abroad,” added Pawar.

Pawar said that Modi is more interested in touring abroad and is least worried about the nation’s development. He should also visit the drought hit regions of the state to know about the hardships faced by people due to water scarcity. He is misleading the entire nation by give false information about development achieved in the reign of BJP.

“People are aware of the truth and they can’t be fooled everytime. It is time for the government to deliver or else they may be voted out of power. The Modi wave is fading due to the government’s mediocre performance. Since last two years even exports have been falling and manufacturing sector is ailing,” said Pawar.

He said people often go on wrong path during their teenage years. However we have already crossed 16 years and our party is observing its 17 foundation day.

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